The Benefits of Custom Survey Software According to

The Benefits of Custom Survey Software According to

Survey software is used to accomplish a variety of goals. Business owners use surveys to solicit feedback from both customers and employees. Organizations use it for post-event analysis, and market research companies use survey software to assess the effectiveness of products. Each of these situations is a little different, but in all of them, users will reap the following benefits from custom survey software.

User-Friendly Tools

While it’s true that survey creation can be performed using many means, specialized software solutions make the process much easier for people with little to no coding experience. Uncomplicated, step-by-step guides take users through the survey creation process. Whether users want to create basic surveys to gain a better understanding of customer experience or they need more detailed, complex versions for market research or academic projects, custom survey software makes it easier to get every aspect of the design right. Aspiring survey designers can read through a full article on how to get every detail right before creating their first ones.

Multiple Methods of Delivery

What would happen if a business’s marketing team drew up a survey in a simple word processor, then emailed it to participants and requested that they copy and paste the questions and include written responses? Nothing. The recipients would ignore the email and go about their days without a second thought.

Custom survey software changes that. It allows users to avoid common problems and generate frictionless surveys that can be received, completed, and sent back via multiple methods of delivery. These days, most businesses see the best results from sending surveys via text, but email delivery can still be more beneficial for longer surveys aimed at market research participants as long as they’re easy to fill out. According to, the key here is versatility.

Different Types of Surveys

Some questions are best presented as simple yes or no answers. Others require more detailed responses. The ability to create custom surveys that incorporate multiple-question formats can make surveys much more user-friendly and elicit more helpful feedback. Anyone who wants advice about how to make the most of today’s most popular types of surveys can check out an example regarding the Cost of living: 10 tips for effective pulse surveys that support employees through challenging times.

Advanced Analysis

Some custom survey software solutions, such as Birdeye, do more than just allow users to create surveys. They also leverage the power of AI and data analytics to provide actionable insights into survey results. Automating the basics of data analysis and turning all of that raw data into easy-to-understand graphs and tables saves a lot of time and makes the results of a survey more useful.

Professional Surveys Pay for Themselves

For business owners, using professional survey software will pay off over time. Actionable insight into employee satisfaction rates, customer experience, and public perception of the brand makes it easier to figure out how to improve a company’s bottom line. Start looking into custom survey creation software solutions now to find one that offers everything organizations need to succeed.

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