Renowned High-End Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Yolaivys Fundora Offers World-Class Smile Makeover Services To People In South Florida

Her dental clinic Whole Dental Design helps people to create the perfect Hollywood diamond smile.

Whole Dental Design, a reputable dental clinic in Florida, offers top-notch smile design services that help people achieve a natural and beautiful smile. The clinic, under the leadership of renowned high-end cosmetic dentist Dr. Yolaivys Fundora, has been serving the sunshine state for over two decades. They have helped countless people, including Miss Universo Brasil 2020, Julia W Gama.

Their team of highly trained professionals is well versed in fixing all kinds of issues, such as broken teeth, cracked teeth, badly stained teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, and gaps between teeth to transform their thick and opaque smile into one that is natural and beautiful. 

Speaking on occasion, the clinic’s founder, Dr. Yolaivys Fundora, said, “Everyone’s teeth are different that’s why we use 3D visualization to understand to serve our patients better. We only use porcelain veneers and crowns that have layers of porcelain colors, as opposed to paint to fake the translucency. This ensures that there is always light penetration to create an all-natural smile.

Veneers shouldn’t be one color all the way through that’s what gives the “Chiclet” appearance. Our design has more natural looking by blending in a gradient of colors and a touch of translucency. Always, The result – More Beautiful Teeth. Our smile design team strives to deliver the best possible results while caring for your teeth and gums.”

Dr. Yolaivys Fundora factors in variables such as facial shape, age, shape, the color of the tooth, skin color, hair color, and more to help design the perfect smile for people. They use premium high-grade porcelain veneers in a procedure that requires no prep and is minimally invasive.

Speaking on how Whole Dental Design had helped transform their smile, a patient commented, “As a realtor, my smiles were not only affecting my relationships but they were also affecting my performance to close more deals. Remarkably, thanks to Dr. Yolaivys Fundora’s smile design services, I now have a natural smile that has boosted my confidence levels.”

Besides smile makeovers, the clinic’s comprehensive dental services include root canals, filling, crowns, wisdom teeth extraction, gum problems treatment, and more.

People interested in learning more about Dr. Yolaivys Fundora, and her clinic’s smile design services can reach out to them using the information mentioned below.

About the Clinic

Whole Dental Design is a team of dentists and hygienists who have been serving the citizens of South Florida for over 2 decades. The team is led by renowned high-end cosmetic dentist Dr. Yolaivys Fundora. The clinic is known and renowned for its customer-friendly services that help improve their smile and overall health. 

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Phone: 954-320-9555
Address:1875 South University Drive
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