Barkwoo; Dogs’ Personal Music Device: A family-owned company has launched a music device for dogs

Barkwoo music box is designed to give dog parents a simple way to help with common dog problems such as anxiety, hyperactivity, destructive behavior or excessive barking

Barkwoo, a personal music device for dogs was recently launched. Barkwoo is a New York-based family company founded by two software engineers. The founders live with their two dogs and son, and their idea for creating the product came while they were looking for ways to help their older dog cope with his anxiety, who was suffering from chronic allergies. They wanted to help their dog, and after trying many different things, they found that music was the solution.

Music’s impact on their dog and their research on the calming effect of music on animals initiated the idea for Barkwoo, a digital music player designed specifically for dogs to relieve anxiety and boredom. The premise of the product is to maintain a stable, comforting environment for dogs without any artificial or chemical elements. It comes with preloaded calming sounds. The songs are crafted and curated based on research about the calming effects of different sounds on animals. The speakers of the device are adjusted for dogs’ sensitive hearing. It can be easily attached to any dog collar. It has 75 hours of music storage and 8 hours of battery life.

Founders have been working with various musicians to create special curations, and they continue to add new songs and create different playlists, which are published on their website. The device is also available for sale on the website (

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