Mobilo Empowers Business Connections while Saving the Environment

This innovative business card allows contact detail sharing and lead generation in just a single tap.

Ever wonder what people do with the business cards they collect during networking events and conferences after they store the information? Either they are stored somewhere in the office, recycled, or disposed of and left to rot in a dumpsite somewhere. Imagine the number of business cards that get disposed of annually, and how much they add up to the pollution that we have if they are not recycled properly.

Another thing with the old-school business cards is, imagine how easy networking can be if contact details can be digitally exchanged and stored in a cloud database, like using a smartphone.

Realizing that there is a more convenient way to exchange contact details in networking and how long it takes for business cards to be recycled, the brains behind Mobilo thought of the most convenient way to address both issues. Thus, the digital business card Mobilo was created.

Mobilo is a smart digital business card that empowers better business connections across the globe while saving the environment. It uses cutting-edge technology and integrations that reshape how the business world connects. This innovation can connect to all digital tools–over 3,000 apps and CRM tools–and is compatible with all modern smartphones, Apple, and Android alike.

The digital business card is so convenient to use. It holds four powerful modes that can be switched at any time. The first mode is a personal business card which can share contact details, website links, and social channels. The second mode features a personalized and customizable landing page. The third mode is automatically sending leads to the user’s CRM or any of its 3,000 apps. And the final mode is sending people straight to the user’s website, downloading a link, presentation, or a scheduling platform.

Apart from the business-side advantage of Mobilo, it is also created to help save the environment from pollution due to disposed business cards. While many business card producers will say that their cards are recyclable, it is not always so simple. There are other factors to be considered for business cards to be harmless to the environment if they are recycled properly. Some of these factors are the inks used to print the cards, the production of the paper used, as well as the environmental impact of paper recycling itself.

Technology has changed the way people live and work. So Mobilo makes use of this technology not only to make networking easier but also to help protect the environment from further harm. With over 2 million people in over 195 countries who have experienced using Mobilo, the company hopes to demonstrate to a wider audience that networking can be as quick as a single tap but can make a huge difference in the environment.

About Mobilo

Mobilo is a smart digital business card that empowers better business connections across the globe while saving the planet. It can connect with all digital tools and easily shares contact details in a single tap.

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