SOHLO’s newest single, “Satisfaction,” is now out on all streaming platforms.

Independent artist SOHLO sings about fighting addiction in his new single “Satisfaction.”

Renowned independent artist SOHLO again proves he is in top form with his latest release, “Satisfaction.” SOHLO is excited to wow fans with his new single, which is now available on all digital platforms.

In this new track, SOHLO tackles the seriousness of fighting addiction, singing about trying to escape reality and moving through life on autopilot. “I just can’t feel myself unless I’m faded,” he sings, summarizing the struggles most addicts face and painting a clear picture of how deep the claws of addiction dig into a person’s skin. The song tugs at listeners’ hearts, showing how lonely the journey can be and how much strength fighting addiction takes.

The track delivers an upbeat vibe that captures the listener’s attention with a groovy beat that delivers the message as intended. SOHLO has been a long-time musician, writing, recording, and producing his own music. He shares that each release is a huge reward for the amount of work he puts into his music. 

Releasing “Satisfaction” has been a source of great relief for SOHLO; it is a meaningful song to him and an impactful song for listeners. The talented musician has built his vision of music with each release and continues to showcase artistic growth. The Toronto-born and raised musician explains that creating “Satisfaction” and discussing such a deep topic was difficult but cathartic. He embraced his inner Michael Jackson and showcased his vocal and production range.

SOHLO grew up with music. He has been creating his own music since 2015 but developed a passion for music long before that. His father was a frontman in a band and introduced SOHLO to music at a young age. SOHLO explores and documents his memories and life experiences in each of his songs. He shares that music is a special tool that helps people remember memories that are often forgotten. His music is a time capsule which makes it authentic and deeply personal.

SOHLO also explores various genres and draws inspiration from various artists. He is currently focused on growing his fan base and producing more music that will grow people’s appreciation of music and his style. Having made consistent strides in his music career, SOHLO is now set to take the industry by storm, trailblazing a path for other independent artists to thrive.

To listen to the new single, visit SOHLO’s YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and other streaming sites. Follow SOHLO on his social media platforms to keep up with news and updates from the artist.

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