L’Vitsa Skincare Inc Has Launched A Completely Natural Skincare Line With Customizable Ingredients

With no harmful chemicals or preservatives, L’Vitsa Skincare makes their products fresh from 100% natural ingredients. They believe in celebrating every step of the natural aging process instead of harming the skin.

Skincare is a great form of self-care and self-love while nurturing one’s skin and slowing the aging process. Many companies advertise their abilities to even reverse aging but fail to mention that their products are full of harsh and harmful chemicals and preservatives that can cause harm to one’s health and skin.

L’Vitsa Skincare is changing that. This new skincare company doesn’t believe harmful chemicals or preservatives belong in skincare. Natural ingredients have the ability to give powerful results without causing any harm.

L’Vitsa Skincare’s customizable line and origins

L’Vitsa Skincare’s founder began to experiment with natural skincare after hearing how her friend had begun making her own items like deodorant to avoid exposing herself and her baby to harsh chemicals. When she took a look at other items, she found that most of the things people use daily contain these same harmful ingredients.

Extensive research led to the very first natural product in the form of body butter. From there, the product line rapidly expanded, and L’Vitsa Skincare was born.

All the items in the L’Vitsa Skincare line are completely waterless. There are no preservatives or chemicals, and organic ingredients are used whenever possible, with the majority of each product being organic. Vegan and cruelty-free, L’Vitsa Skincare provides full transparency into all of their ingredients.

L’Vitsa Skincare currently offers three products. These products are two facial serums and body butter. Each serum can have up to three essential oils added, and the body butter can have up to five. There’s even a place to learn what essential oils would be most beneficial to someone based on their skin concerns.


L’Vitsa Skincare has a mission to help preserve natural beauty longer. All orders are handcrafted and made fresh 1-3 days before they are shipped out. They even donate a portion of sales to Women for Women International to give back to others.

With L’Vitsa Skincare, everyone can know they are using only the best ingredients for their skin with natural and nurturing results.

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