China’s first public testing service platform for hydrogen energy products is opened to public

To High Hydrogen Testing, China’s first public testing service platform for hydrogen energy products, held an online launch conference on December 27. 


Since the “double carbon” goal was proposed in 2020, China’s hydrogen energy industry has been booming. High construction costs, difficulty in hydrogen storage, and lack of hydrogen energy applications and testing standards are the difficulties in the domestic hydrogen energy industry. In order to tackle current difficulties, strengthening industrial chain cooperation is becoming an industry consensus. To High’s testing opening to the public means the cooperation of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of China’s hydrogen energy industry is gradually extensive and in-depth.

At this online conference themed “Hi-Future”, Duan Zhijie, general manager of To High Hydrogen Testing, demonstrated the independence, security and core advantages of the full chain public testing service platform for the first time. Besides, Ms. Duan Zhijie announced that To High would share three domestic extremely rare testing capabilities and two high-precision testing technologies with the whole society.


At the conference, To High also signed strategic cooperation agreements with North China Electric Power University, Suzhou CRRC Hydrogen Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hydrochen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Fengyuan Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly develop in Industry-University-Research and other fields.

To High was founded in 2016 and officially put into operation in June 2018. Covering a total area of about 20000 square meters, it has 12 high standard laboratories and more than 240 sets of various high-precision equipment from Europe and the United States. It is the first world’s leading public testing service platform for hydrogen energy products in China.

“All the growth data show that the hydrogen energy industry has entered a booming age.” As an important part of the development of hydrogen energy industry, hydrogen energy testing has become the key to connect the upstream and downstream industries such as hydrogen energy preparation, hydrogen energy storage and transportation, and hydrogen energy application.

Industry professionals anticipated that based on the accumulation of 4 years of 300,000+ hours of hydrogen safe operation and testing experience, To High’s official opening of hydrogen energy product full-chain public testing service platform will nurture of the whole industry and empower the upstream and downstream of the hydrogen energy industry.

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