New App Helps Aspiring Artists Get Their Music Out To The World Without A Record Deal

As an unsigned artist, it can be difficult to get your music heard. You may feel like you’re at a disadvantage when competing against artists who have the backing of a major label. However, there are now a number of tools and resources available to help you market your music without a record deal.

One such tool is the new app, Product Champ, created by two entrepreneurs, Chris Iglesia and ToniMarie Prah, who themselves lost their jobs during the COVID pandemic.

This app provides all the guidance and education that a music creator needs in order to make more money as an artist, sell out their shows, and promote their music. It’s affordable for music creators, making it accessible to those who may not have access to the same tools as major label artists.

It’s even great for professional music studios looking to get more bookings and outshine their competitors with smart competitor analysis and AI assisted reputation management, so your studio will always have 5 stars!

If you’re a music creator, then you know that marketing is key to success. But what if you could have a marketing agency in one app? That’s what the creators of this new platform promise.

This platform is designed to help music creators of all levels build and grow their brands and fanbase everyday. It uses AI technology to create a better fan experience for fans. And it can handle multiple artists, making it perfect for labels.

So if you’re an unsigned artist looking for a way to get your music heard, consider using this new app to help you get started. Don’t let a lack of record label backing prevent you from achieving your goals.

With the right guidance and education, there is no reason why any aspiring artist or studio owner shouldn’t be able to achieve success.

Book a free demo to see Product Champ in action and to claim our special founding member deal and get VIP Orientation for FREE so you can skyrocket your fanbase today:

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