Certainty Ideologies gifting children with certainty

Certainty Ideologies gifting children with certainty
Three students of Dan Nicholson come together to teach children certainty ideologies.

After completing Dan Nicholson’s Certified Certainty Advisor (CCA) program, three of his students were so inspired by the ideologies that they decided to work to bring them to children. Through Dan’s ideologies, they have created Base Case and Build to teach kids life values and certainty principles. 

The three students willing to take up this massive task were Jay Bhakta, Anne Amagrande, and Tanner Hanks. When going through the program, they went through a surreal process of recognizing and becoming aware of the mistakes in their lives and careers. Through this process, they all found themselves saying the same thing.

“I wish I would have learned this sooner.”

So through this, Base Case and Build was born. Jay, Anne, and Tanner will teach certainty principles to children each week through this program and relate them to real-life experiences they may encounter. After teaching the principles, they will invite the children to start conversations with their parents about what they learned. They will also be asked to journal about the topic.

The idea is to get the kids to approach the parents so they feel empowered doing what they are doing. 

The program starts with eight lessons that will build a strong foundation for each child to grow. If you want to see your child in the next Base Case and Build round, you can sign up here. The next round starts on January 10th, so make sure you get signed up before then. When you get your child signed up, there will be an initial conversation with the parent to ensure everyone is expecting what is to come. 

When I spoke with Jay Bhakta he had this to say about the program.

“It’s much easier to build strong children than to fix broken adults. As adults, we spend a lot of time trying to fix trauma, so why not tackle this at a younger age?” in reference to a Frederick Douglas quote he draws inspiration from.

To get a sneak peek at the ideologies that inspired this program, you can also check out Dan Nicholson’s book Rigging the Game and his podcast by the same name.

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