#1 Bestselling book: “For the Love of Caregiving” Sweeps the Nation with a Heart-Centered anthology geared towards caregivers

When the pandemic spread, caregivers felt the impeding stress and drain from supporting loved ones and those in need. Arguably one of the most stressful industries – healthcare.

Certified RN and Visionary Author, Sherrell D. Mims shines a big bold light on those who have been called to serve others.

“For the Love of Caregiving” is a beautiful compilation of professional and home-care givers boldly walking in their God-given purpose and light.

This transformative book shares the heart-felt stories of those who serve in the caregiver/ healthcare industry and/or care for their families. Experts share their highs, lows, personal experiences, and tangible self-care tips for caregivers around the world to thrive, rest and restore themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

This book is a must read for those who serve and for those who care.

Foreword by Dr. Nakita Davis ~ Book publisher & PR Guru

Contributing Authors: Dr. Dionne Greaves, Gayle Dixon, Maydis Skeete, Dr. Lisa Coney-Fonville, GARY BARG, Dr. Deitrick L. Gorman, Michele D. Clark, LMSW, Dr. Rhonda Bolden, Constance Woulard, Dr. Josephine Harris, Keisha Jackson, Judy Amber,

More on the Visionary Author – Sherrell D. Mims, RN

Evangelist Sherrell D. Mims known as your “Queen of Empowering Caregiver” is a bestselling author and contributor of several books that have captivated readers worldwide. Also known for her brand Ms. Sherrell Speaks, the speaker has shared her story as a teacher, caregiver, and entrepreneur. Her book entitled “I Will Wait Until Morning”: A Caregiver’s Memoir on Assisting a Loved One with Cancer, captured millions of readers as Sherrell went deeper into her personal journey. Additionally, Sherrell is a Registered Nurse of 25 years; the founder of Global Caregivers Network, and CEO of Global Caregiver Speakers, the #1 Speaker Platform for Professional and Family Caregivers in the United States. She is an expert when it comes to being a caregiver. She has been a personal caregiver since the age of 11 and a professional caregiver since 1985.

Sherrell believes that Caregivers play a huge role in the healthcare industry. Their services have changed the lives of so many injured patients, elderly retirees, and those in need of hospice and palliative care. For Sherrell, caring for other people comes naturally as she has been doing it since she was young. Today, she is using her speaking abilities to share what she knows and inspire others who are on the caregiving path.

To learn more about Sherrell D. Mims, visit her Website: www.globalcaregiversnetwork.com Email: sherrell@globalcaregivers.net https://www.facebook.com/groups/822666618377673/?ref=share_group_link https://www.facebook.com/groups/433232985076246/?ref=share_group_link

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