Uniting Nations With Music And Love – Gianluca Zanna’s Inspiring New Video

Gianluca Zanna, songwriter and CEO of Zanna Records, recently dropped a stunning new music video that showcases the unbounded love and hope of people from different nations. Titled “NADINE,” this love song represents the will of people who choose to reach out to each other despite the wars created by governments, proving that Music and Love cannot be stopped.

At its core is an amazing love story born on Facebook™ between an American songwriter and a Belarusian model. What began as a virtual connection, blossomed into something much more passionate and meaningful – one that inspired Gianluca to bring it to life through a powerful music video.

The video was produced across three different countries: Rome, Belarus, and Dubai – in defiance of government economic restrictions. Due to the conflicts between their respective nations, the lovers are sadly unable to see each other in person yet they still remain connected even when physical contact is not possible.

For many viewers around the globe, NADINE serves as an inspiring reminder of how love can prevail against all odds. Through this powerful work of art, Gianluca has shown that no matter what differences exist between two people – whether it’s nationality or language – true love knows no boundaries.

This new song was mixed by world famous sound engineer Brian Reeves. The message behind NADINE is simple yet profound: Love will never die as long as we have hope – something that everyone needs now more than ever before.

By sharing this music video, Gianluca aims to build bridges across cultures while inspiring others to never give up hope, no matter what challenges they may face in life. You can check out their new music video “NADINE” now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjLWGjeoJlA.

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