iQibla Unveils Zikr1-2022, Made of Aluminium Alloy and Available in Four Colors

iQibla Unveils Zikr1-2022, Made of Aluminium Alloy and Available in Four Colors

“digital alarm clock”

iQibla introduces Zikr1-2022, a new Muslim smart ring 2022. This smart ring features aluminum alloy materials and is available in four colors (Silver, Green, Bright Rose, and Graphite). Zikr 1-2022 has been used by many Muslims worldwide. Zikr1 smart ring’s Prayer Times Notifications feature has built-in Bluetooth and is easy to connect with a Qibla watch and smartphone. This app supports five daily prayers: Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib, Isha, Fajr, with notifications of the current prayer time for each of them. The notifications are in both push notification format as well as audio alerts.

Zikr1 is a smart ring with built-in Bluetooth 5.1 designed for Muslim prayers. It has a built-in compass sensor which is used to find the Qibla direction, and it also notifies users with 5 times prayer alarms via the smartphone app. This device is an innovative approach to help Muslims do their prayers more efficiently. The five prayer alarms will help them avoid disturbances during the prayer. In addition, The notifications can be delivered to any mobile phone or laptop connected to the ring via Bluetooth. Moreover, this ring connects with the phone through a smartphone app which contains many more features than the digital alarm clock itself.

In addition to prayer notifications, The Tasbeeh Counter is one of the main features of the Zikr1 smart bracelet. It records the number of times a person has performed the tasbeeh prayer and vibrates when he or she reaches the preset number. This feature helps the user accurately track their prayers and informs them when they have completed their prayers.

Zikr 1-2022 is a small mobile device that allows Muslims around the globe to maintain the ritual of praying five times a day. The device was built with unique dual-use functionality. First, it automatically calculates prayer times without needing a connection to any network or internet. Second, it features an onboard Qibla compass, which can be used to help Muslims find the direction of Mecca via the iQibla app. The Zikr1 five Prayer Times notifies the user when to start their prayers and when to end them. It also helps Muslims during their daily commute by notifying them of their current location in relation to prayer times and Qibla direction.

In addition to its main functionality, Zikr1 has many other features that make it indispensable for Muslims living in today’s fast-paced society. iQibla app that connects to the Zikr1 smart ring is an app that guides Muslims through their daily prayers. It includes a compass, with which users can determine the direction of Mecca or the Qibla. This is essential for Muslims who wish to pray the five daily prayers in their proper direction, as prayer must be performed facing the Qibla. The application also has a Zikr timer, which allows users to perform Zikr—prayers meant to glorify Allah — for any period of time. This can be done while waiting in line at an airport or while sitting on a bus. For more information, please visit

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