Matt Pack Remains The UK’s official distributor of Imported Spray Wraps from the USA

Spraywrap is becoming an increasingly common way of adding some amazing paintwork on vehicles. This is a peelable and sprayable form of paint that can be removed when needed. It’s safe for vehicles and is surprisingly durable which is probably why so many car owners seem to love it.

The quality of the final result definitely depends on where one chooses to get their spray wrap from and that’s why many people consider the products and services of Matt Pack for all their spray wrap needs.

Matt Pack is a business based in Haverhill that provides users with many amazing sprayable and peelable paint options. The company has a lot of experience in this line of work, including Plasti Dip, FullDip, Cardip, Halo, and many others. They import their sprays from the USA and Spain, while also importing the proper thinners. The imported ones tend to be a bit more expensive, but Matt Pack believes that the quality of these products is unmatched.

They’ve always strived to offer customers the best possible quality, and go the extra mile when it comes to getting the right products. They also do not compromise at any point of the process, and do not utilise any kind of underhand tactics to extract money from their clients. Because of this, Matt Pack has managed to remain one of the premier choices for anyone looking to apply spray wrap on their vehicles.

Their online website provides readers with a lot of information on spray wrap, and can serve as a great starting point for anyone who’s never tried it before. They are also available for further discussions and love to work alongside clients to find the best fit for their vehicles.

About Matt Pack

Matt Pack used to be a bodyshop, but when a customer asked them about Plasti Dip in 2012, they were interested in finding out just what it was. As it turned out, they fell in love with it and have since then continued to import it themselves. The company has now outgrown the bodyshop it used to be, and now carries out all of their work regarding dipping cars and selling online.

Through their consistent service and high quality, Matt Pack has managed to remain one of the top considerations for anyone in Haverhill that requires excellent spray wraps.

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