Infinity Hoop: A Mommy Makeover Hack Without the Surgery

A Tiktok viral workout that is getting moms snatched this 2023

It’s a brand new year again and everyone is surely listing down their resolutions for the year ahead. Embracing a healthier lifestyle and staying fit is a popular resolution among men and women, regardless of age. But those who lead busier lifestyles like moms, are probably struggling to figure out how they can squeeze in a workout. Fortunately, this trending workout from Infinity Hoop is here to change the game— an all in one workout that can be easily done at home.

Infinity Hoop has brought an easy, fun, and effective way to burn calories. It looks like a hula hoop but it is made out of links with a ball tied at the end to provide some weight. One only needs to wear the Infinity Hoop on their waist, toss the weight into the air, and activate her leg muscles and core to power the weight as she swings. There is no other fancy equipment needed and it can be done at the comfort of one’s home, even just for 30 minutes.

Because of the simplicity of following the Infinity Hoop workout, it allows busy moms to get a full cardio workout and burn up to 500 calories from their living room. This is already equivalent to a two mile run outside that can take hours to complete.

Every link in the Infinity Hoop is equivalent to two inches, making it convenient to track progress just by counting the links removed. Because of this feature, they actually have a 30-day promise where users that do not lose a link within the duration can get a refund. But to this day, the number of moms who have experienced the makeover brought by Infinity Hoop keeps on increasing. It has even gained popularity as a trending workout routine in social media platforms like Tiktok.

“The Infinity Hoop has been a huge part of my weight loss journey. I use it everyday for 30 minutes and I started to see a difference when I removed links from the hoop. I did not even notice that I was down four links. I also paired my exercise with better eating and used a sweat belt for best results,” shared Kathy, one of the happy customers of Infinity Hoop.

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Infinity Hoop is a brand that offers an easy, fun, and effective way for busy people to workout and lose two inches off their waist in 30 days.

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