Here’s How To Make It In The Pharmaceutical Industry

The Big Pharma industry is an ever-growing and highly competitive field that requires a great deal of knowledge, skill, and patience to succeed. Those who have mastered the art of pharmaceuticals are in a position to make big profits, but what are some of the secrets to success in this fascinating and controversial world?

According to Alessandro Ricci, president of the US branch of Aurisco – a Chinese company specializing in the research, production, and sales of starting material, key intermediates, API, and final drugs – there are certain attributes that are essential for success.

Mr. Ricci has had considerable experience in American business and he has even worked at the University of Perugia in Italy, teaching students about “Americanism”; thus giving them insight into how successful businesses operate in the U.S.. One asset Mr. Ricci suggests all aspiring entrepreneurs possess is effective communication and marketing skills.

Mr. Ricci can boast several major successes in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to his meticulous product development and life-cycle management associated with supply chain management strategies.

One example is Fluticasone Propionate – used for respiratory issues – which quickly became one of the most prescribed medications and in 2020 ranked 23rd with over 24 million prescriptions. In addition, he has also developed significant APIs such as Fulvestrant (used for oncologic drugs) and Abiraterone acetate (used for prostate cancer treatments such as Zytiga).

Moreover, Mr. Ricci claims that mental strength and perseverance are equally important when trying to succeed within Big Pharma: “You have to face challenges every day, fight and win every day to accomplish your goals…you just cannot afford to give up” he says.

Despite how difficult it may seem at times there can be huge satisfaction if you manage it: Whether your aim is creating successful new products or simply making sure existing ones remain profitable – those who understand these hidden secrets have a big advantage in a very rewarding profession.

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