The House Of Mandela Token-Back Rewards Program Supports Nelson Mandela’s Legacy In The Age Of Crypto

The token honors one of humanity’s greatest icons while creating a beneficial ecosystem for Africa.

As one of the most influential figures in human history, Nelson Mandela has a special place in the hearts of the millions he inspires. In honor of his noble work, the Mandela family has created a token rewards program to stimulate the South African economy further and improve the lives of impoverished and underserved communities. The 5% token-back reward is applied when token spenders use HOM tokens to purchase goods and services.

The token, launched in November of 2022, has garnered a lot of attention in a short period, with investors, social activists, and people who looked up to Nelson Mandela excited about the rewards program and growth of the token in the crypto world.

With HOM tokens, people can purchase a comprehensive range of products, such as wine, jewelry, wearables, and printable pieces, from the House of Mandle store. The sale proceeds will go to the House of Mandela Foundation to help make a positive impact in the lives of thousands of people in the continent struggling with high inflation and poverty.

Anyone can acquire and spend HOM Tokens at any supported business. Moreover, they can spend the rewards at any ForumPay-supported business in exchange for more services or goods or donate directly to the House Of Mandela Foundation.

A statement from a House of Mandela representative:

“During these tough economic times, many families struggle, especially in Africa. That is why we came up with this ecosystem to help the community. Not only do impoverished homes stand to benefit from this, but investors will also see instant cashback from the Token Rewards Program that will help improve their cash flows and profit margins for the efforts they put in. We like to thank the merchant partners that join in are shining examples of businesses that they care for. Our partnership with ForumPay will usher in a new revolution of growth and prosperity for all.”

These tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20, which guarantees highly compatible and secure payments. This initiative has been made possible through ForumPay’s instant conversion of HOM Tokens to cash currency and the hassle-free processes that enable it to quickly pay out the total cash to the merchant’s bank. As a result, merchants interested in doing something good for society and getting more customers can join ForumPay’s program today.

In line with the integrity of the Mandela family and to ensure transparency and compliance with its buyers, the HOM Token has been carefully audited by Certik independent crypto auditing firm.

Those interested in learning more about the platform can go to the website today and download the buying instructions.

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