Cutter Innovations’ AS9100 Certified Machine Shop Reshapes the Landscape of Aerospace Precision Machining

Cutter Innovations is a premier American aerospace machining company founded and helmed by Mike and Ruthie Swartzlander, introducing revolutionary products to the USA market.

Every tiny bit of hardware in aerospace machines needs to be crafted, refined and tuned to perfection to ensure the craft operates smoothly and safely. As one of the leading aerospace components manufacturers, Cutter Innovations is extending its unrivaled products and services to clients across America.

Cutter Innovations’ AS9100 Certified machine shop complies with the highest standards of quality in the aerospace industry. The company boasts more than 12,000 square feet of workspace and is leveraging revolutionary automated 5 axis CNC machining technologies that enable Cutter Innovations to reap the benefits of drastically increased manufacturing capacity relative to contemporary machine shops.  

Even though challenges in aerospace parts manufacturing can overwhelm even the most seasoned of experts, no task is too large for Mike, Ruthie, and the Cutter Innovations team. As imparted by the company’s spokesperson, the firm is eager to embrace complex projects; the abundance of experience and a passion for aerospace machining enables Cutter Innovations to deliver dependable, predictable results at all times:

“Cutter Innovations will rarely turn down an incredibly difficult project. The value in learning and skill development far outweighs the hit to the bottom line. Every project has a crux. In the spirit of “can-do”, our method begins by identifying the crux, how we will create it, and how we will measure it. The degree of difficulty varies greatly but the key processes and sequencing fall together rapidly,” said Cutter Innovations’ spokesperson.

What separates Cutter Innovations from contemporary alternatives is a custom-made AS9100 quality system that only the most experienced employees can efficiently use. This low-volume 5-axis machining wonder delivers predictable, consistent results and has been an invaluable help to the company’s team in their efforts to raise the bar of quality in aerospace precision machining.

Relying on a sophisticated network of quality vendors, Cutter Innovations sources only the finest quality aerospace component hardware. Even though each member of the CI team has been handpicked and had spent years creating and processing quality aerospace parts, each product is subjected to rigorous quality tests, serving as an additional guarantee to each client.

Cutter Innovations’ spokesperson stated that the firm is leveraging years of experience in the fields of research and development to not only yield products of the highest quality but also to preserve IP rights for its clients from start to finish, stating the following:

“With our extensive experience in R&D, we work with clients hand in hand to achieve their goals and maintain intellectual property protection throughout development. Capabilities include advanced SolidWorks modeling, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), and the sourcing of special outside operations,” the company’s spokesperson said.

More information about Cutter Innovations is available on the company’s official website.

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