The difference between atorvastatin calcium tablets and rosuvastatin calcium tablets

Atorvastatin calcium tablets and rosuvastatin calcium tablets are both statin lipid-lowering drugs, and both belong to relatively powerful statin drugs. The specific differences are as follows:

1. From the perspective of pharmacodynamics, if the dose is the same, the lipid-lowering effect of rosuvastatin is stronger than that of atorvastatin, but for the clinically recommended conventional dose, the lipid-lowering effect of the two drugs is basically the same;

2. In terms of evidence-based medicine, since atorvastatin has been on the market earlier, there is more evidence of atorvastatin in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases than rosuvastatin; 3. In terms of drug metabolism, there is a certain difference between the two. Atorvastatin is mainly metabolized by the liver, while only a small part of rosuvastatin is metabolized by the liver. Therefore, atorvastatin is more prone to drug interactions caused by liver drug enzymes;

4. Atorvastatin may have more liver adverse reactions than rosuvastatin. Compared with atorvastatin, the side effects of rosuvastatin may be more likely to occur in the kidneys. In short, atorvastatin and rosuvastatin are both powerful statin lipid-lowering drugs, and there may be differences in drug metabolism, drug interactions, and adverse reactions.


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