Free Chrome Extension for Gmail helps professionals track email opens

The software helps sales representatives get more leads and improve their bottom line.

In this tough economy, sales personnel need help finding prospects. One of the biggest channels that they utilize to get leads is email marketing. However, with people being bombarded with thousands of emails every day, representatives cannot determine if the prospect is even opening the email. This is where a powerful free chrome extension, Email Open Tracker, is trying to make a difference.

It offers unlimited tracking and helps reps determine whether prospects are interested in pursuing a conversation and which aren’t. Reps can use the app to determine which prospects to prioritize and which to ignore. They can use the tool to identify which outreach emails are opening the most and which are the least effective. Sales reps can then make changes to those emails that aren’t performing well.

Speaking on how the app benefits sales personnel, a representative for the application stated, “The sales process is a long one, and it starts with the first email you send out to a new lead. Once you know what works best for each type of audience, it’s easier to tailor your messages to their needs so that they want to engage with you. For instance, we recently interacted with a sales representative at a technology company, Rachel, who needed help gauging the effectiveness of her outreach efforts. She would send dozens of emails every week, trying to schedule demos or set up meetings with potential clients, but it wasn’t easy to know which of her emails were being read and which were being ignored.”

She added, “After a colleague introduced her to our free email open tracking software, she could see exactly which of her emails had been opened and when. This gave her a better understanding of which of her messages resonated with her audience and which were falling flat. She adjusted her messaging and targeting accordingly, and as a result, she saw a significant increase in the number of demos and meetings she could schedule.”

In addition to tracking emails, the software also provides information on which links within the emails were being clicked on. This allowed people to see which topics were most interesting to their audience, which helped them tailor their presentations to meet their needs better.

Thanks to the email open tracking software, sales personnel have an invaluable tool in their arsenal for improving the effectiveness of their outreach efforts. People in industries such as real estate also get a clearer picture of what types of content catch their prospects’ attention. Moreover, it is also great for companies because it allows them to get a more accurate picture of how effective their outreach efforts are, so they can either pour money into an email marketing campaign or suspend it. 

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