Sharon North Pohl Celebrates 73rd Birthday With New Book, Zesty Changes

Sarasota, FL, USA – January 10, 2023 – Sharon North Pohl, author and speaker is celebrating her 73rd birthday with a new lease on life and a brand new book. After contracting a rare form of pneumonia that landed North Pohl in a 2-week coma, she has bounced back with a fantastic amount of zest and is now on a renewed mission to share her secrets of living a zesty life. Her book Zesty Changes will hit the online book stands in just a few weeks.

A few years ago, North Pohl retired from shooting fashion photography worldwide, and thought she would be living her best life during her “golden years of retirement”. She considers herself a sassy sister who loves traveling the world, wearing exotic colorful clothing, and sharing her zest for life with others. Upon retiring, she found herself at a loss of friends to share her adventures with. As she began reaching out to friends and family to travel with and have fun, she discovered that many of her friends had either passed away or had entered into a period of poor or declining health. Seeing her friends missing out on what was supposed to be the grandest time of their lives, shook North Pohl to her core. She created a mentoring program called Zesty Change and is sharing that core message in her new book, Zesty Changes, scheduled to publish in February 2023.

Zesty Changes is a book of stories of relinquishment and reunion, of 30 courageous women. The book follows North Pohl’s 3-step recipe for living a zesty life: get up, get dressed and get out. One reviewer, Lesley Pickford, shared, “Super book! Very uplifting and readable! Bringing a series of real-life, epic tales from people whose lives have rebounded after they have had enormous challenges and disappointments. Stories of regular people persevering, dragging themselves back from the brink. So diverse, so many different learnings from people knocked down, and fighting back and up! One step, one day at a time. Insights to enlighten and enliven. Read it!”

As a frequently requested speaker, North Pohl travels the country teaching her audiences how to live a more zesty life after age 50. “I created my ‘Zesty Change’ Program because it broke my heart not to have my friends with me enjoying life, traveling, and enjoying a colorful joyous life. You are never too old to revitalize yourself and your life.” says North Pohl. After landing in the hospital for several months with a rare form of pneumonia, medical professionals and family members thought they would lose this vibrant woman. But her zest for life, coupled with her lifestyle choices, North Pohl recovered with an even bigger passion for sharing her message. “I was laid up in a coma with a very grim outlook for several weeks, and now, here I am dancing again and beginning a book tour. I am more committed to sharing this story than ever before.”

Through her mentoring program, Zesty Change, North Pohl provides support and awareness for women going past menopause, to embrace the process, and thrive through it. Zesty Change is a place where women can connect to inspire each other to live life with even more vitality, joy, and passion. Zesty Change provides members educational resources about getting past menopause, helpful checklists, information on health and vitality, losing libido, and planning for the decades past the age of 50, and other related topics. The group also includes a library of recorded videos and live interactive sessions, hosted by North Pohl in the private Facebook group: Zesty Women, 50, 60, 70. (

About Sharon North Pohl

Sharon North Pohl is the founder of Zesty Change, a mentoring program that guides women on how to live a zealous life after the age of 50. She is the author of Zesty Changes. She is a retired CEO and founder of an equine-assisted coaching and training program; a Horse Rescue Ranch where rescued horses mentored the human spirit. Her mantra is Get Up. Get Dressed and Get Out! She resides in Florida. (

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