Fashion Innovation, Drop Top Company, Helps In The Fight Against Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

Drop Top Company has taken inspiration from the creator of their flagship product to aid in the fight against the nationwide opioid epidemic. Each stylish hat purchased puts money towards saving lives and ending dangerous addictions.

Drop Top Company is an innovative fashion brand that wants to continue to uphold the legacy of their creator in a beneficial way. They aim to educate on the nationwide opioid epidemic while also donating to organizations that are dedicated to this crucial fight. 

The inspiration and story behind Drop Top Company and the Fizor

Brandon was the best friend of the founders of Drop Top Company. In 2018, he created the flagship product that would start this innovative brand. Dubbed his “drop top” and later called the Fizor, Brandon decided to cut the top off his fedora to show off his hair. He began enlisting the help of his best friend to learn how to sew the hats himself with the goal of creating a company once they graduated from college. In December 2018, Brandon passed away from an opioid-related incident at only 24 years old. 

His friends didn’t let his idea go, however, and they continued to build the company he had hoped for. They patented his hat design, trademarking the new name of the Fizor for it. In his honor, they named the company Drop Top after what he had originally called his hats. This wasn’t the only way they honored his legacy. Drop Top Company is passionate about aiding in the fight against the nationwide opioid epidemic because of what happened to Brandon. They donate 10% of all proceeds to organizations like Stop the Spiral and Aim High to help with this crucial cause. 

Not only are they providing important funding, but they are also educating people about the epidemic and how to prevent these issues and combat addiction. They utilize their website and social media platforms to speak out and bring others into this fight. 

The clothing and accessories line available at Drop Top Company

Drop Top Company produces high-quality, handmade clothing and accessories with unique pieces designed to help people stand out for their individuality and creativity. Their flagship product is the Fizor. These stylish hats come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Many have fun band options, such as studs and chains, to add to the individual style of the piece. 

Drop Top Company also offers tops, t-shirts, and hoodies with creative and fun designs that can suit anyone’s fashion needs. They even have an accessories line with everything from socks to beanies to fanny packs. 


Drop Top Company is more than just an innovative and creative fashion brand. They are also outspoken educators and donors to organizations that are fighting on the front lines of the opioid epidemic to save lives. Each purchase made guarantees crucial funding will be given to these organizations, going directly toward this important and necessary fight.

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