ZTE 5G Solutions Take a Lead in Boosting Digital Transformation and 5G Innovation

ZTE Corporation, a worldwide renewed provider of communication and mobile technology solutions for users and enterprises, kicks off 2022 5G Summit & User Congress in Stresa, Italy. With the theme of “Inspire the Digital Transformation”, this summit conference is hosted by ZTE, aiming to explore the 5G innovative digital transformation.

Various famous insiders joined the event, including industry partners, thought leaders, and leading analysts from GSMA, 3GPP, CCS, Intel, IGF, Global Data, and many other top-tier operators. They shared their valuable industry development viewpoints and the latest technology innovation, which plays a key role in inspiring the 5G digital transformation.

ZTE has also showcased its successful 5G cases and the latest technologies at the event. ZTE 5G solutions have primarily facilitated the smooth development of this technology, supporting numerous successful commercial cases for its partners and clients.

5G Summit & User Congress 2022

ZTE has solely hosted and exhibited the 5G Summit & User Congress 2022, the largest international annual forum. More than 300 industrial thought leaders, including industry partners, global operators, consulting institutions, and pioneering organizations of the industry from over 70 companies, gathered together, sharing and exchanging industrial insights and innovations. And more than 50 guests gave a speech on 5G cases, digital transformation, successful ecosystems, B5G, as well as green sustainable topics.

ZTE believes that the real world and digital world will be interactive on a larger scale in the future, which will break the existing limitation of dimensional space and gradually evolve into a new era with seamless and deep connections. And every step of further exploration is to firmly and faithfully measure the real world, opening up and rebuilding the new boundary of the virtual world. Therefore, digital transformation is more than a simple innovation; but becomes a smart connection of various industry verticals and services.

According to the insiders, in the coming years, one of the primary missions of 5G is to drive all sectors’ digital transformation. Up to now, 5G has commercially expanded into the vertical industry, exploring the development of scale economies. With the goal of achieving these economies, industries must develop various application scenarios to make the optional 5G technology become a must-have for operators. Operators may alleviate route-to-market difficulties by supplying the platform, customer relationships, and resources needed to expand mobile innovation.

ZTE 5G plays a key role in achieving sustainable development goals and the tech innovation ecosystem. ZTE has integrated 5G intelligent digitalization into every aspect of life, including smart ports, manufacturing, home, medicine, and so on, using all scenarios, apps, and advanced connection technologies as a solid foundation. ZTE is also effectively offering underlying technology to enable the digital transformation of society and industries. Technologies, customer needs, and business models are rapidly evolving. As a result, in such a challenging period, a collaborative ecosystem lets telco companies not only survive, but also develop. ZTE will showcase further 5G cutting-edge solutions and technologies during the event, as well as the B5G Technology White Paper in collaboration with the GSMA.

The successful vertical case and revolutionary solutions demonstration not only drive the 5G digital transformation, but also demonstrates the ways of monetizing these apps and mass scale. Furthermore, ZTE specialists and leaders demonstrate the 5G network’s performance in many places worldwide. The introduction of the Mini 5GC demonstrates that ZTE products are ranked first in the market to be embraced by operators.

ZTE is Dedicated to the Innovation of 5G Core Work

In the 2-day 5G Summit & User Congress, ZTE and its partners have showcased a series of the latest technologies, excellent solutions, as well as successful cases.

According to ZTE Corporation, its cloud core network products will soon be put into the global market. In the 5G advanced era, ZTE focuses on balancing full openness and ultimate performance. And ZTE applies 5G intelligence as well as automation techniques to achieve sustainable and energy-saving development. Collaborating with global partners will accelerate the growth of the digital economy’s development.

About the Cloud & Core Network, ZTE has given a keynote speech, and shared its next five years’ roadmap of the Cloud Core Network, as well as the main features and solutions, such as One Packet Core, One Voice Core, User Data & Signaling, and Cloud Platform and Intelligence. It provides the advancements of network and technologies sustainable evolution.

Besides, ZTE also has delivered a theme speech to share its perspectives on the 5G private network inspiring the new business for CSPs and 5G SA Based Common Core drives smooth digitalization and migration.

In response to varied needs and the exponential rise of industrial applications, ZTE offers global operators full-automation and full-scenario ToB solutions that enable private 5G as a service, based on a series of automatic O&M tools and various ToB core network products. Moreover, ZTE highlights the capacity of the ZTE Common Core solution to help operators transition smoothly to Cloud Native and 5G SA ready. ZTE Common Core, with its multiple service modes for private networks, distributed framework, and 2B oriented features, can expedite the digitalization of industrial verticals.

ZTE has dedicated to providing high-quality end-to-end 5G solutions, boosting the stable and smooth development of 5G with its commitment to making value for its clients and customers via continuous technological innovations. ZTE will continue to develop 5G innovative solutions and accelerate digital transformation by adhering to its vision and goal, which are “to link the globe with continuous innovation for a brighter future” and “to enable connection and trust everywhere.” 

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