Get a job at a global startup! ‘Link Starter’, a fast and accurate automatic job matching/searching platform

Get a job at a global startup! 'Link Starter', a fast and accurate automatic job matching/searching platform

According to a survey of 10,710 respondents from 50 countries around the world, 41% of startups in crisis after COVID-19 accounted for about 12% more than the existing figure of 29%. (Source: Startup Genome, U.S. startup analysis agency), but recently, thanks to the U.S. government’s support policy and the accelerating boom in digital innovation, the barriers to startups have been lowered and new startups have begun to increase.

The spread of COVID-19 created new market opportunities for changes in consumer habits and purchasing patterns, and the number of startups in industries that well responded to pandemic situations such as telemedicine and video conferencing platform industries surged.

As a result, more and more job seekers are interested in startups, but it is not easy for them to find information about startups on recruitment sites, and it is not easy for companies to check what roles they want to hire until they have interviews with candidates. In order to resolve this inconvenience, a global startup automatic matching “Link Starter” based on detailed information data between each other, has emerged.

Link Starter, based on the job-fit-ability, is an automatic job matching and searching platform. It helps global startups to appeal to job seekers by providing detailed information and announcements such as investment attraction, stock options, culture fit, and vision. In particular, the video PR and self-interview of ‘Link Starter’ help job seekrs to appeal an individual’s capabilities that are outside the framework of the existing resume.

Another strength of Link Starter is that there is a “love call” process, which is the proposal and acceptance of interviews. There are ‘Coffee Chat’ and ‘Interview’ in love calls. “Coffee Chat” is a function that allows companies and talents to lightly ask each other questions, and companies and talents can easily grasp each other’s suitability. “Interview” is a function that can be suggested when the company wants to hire and the talent wants to join the company right away. The Link Starter employment matching service allows companies to register at a reasonable price and is connected based on their suitability with talent, making it easy for “job seekers” to find companies suitable for them.

Hyunsoo Kim, CEO of Link Starter, said, “The company’s service will enable companies or talents to quickly and easily find jobs that they want through detailed information and innovative BMs, and companies and job seekers will be able to promote themselves more clearly than existing hiring and resume forms.” Link Starter’s “Coffee Chat” will have the competitiveness of the job-hunting process, he said. “It is expected that it will be highly utilized because the culture of coffee chat is universal overseas.”

Meanwhile, “Link Starter” will gather talent who wants to find a job for startups through massive marketing such as content, performance, and search advertisements in the future, and “Link Starter Lab” will promote further development to connect global startups and individual job seekers.

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