Who is Maria D. Awdi? The celebrated owner of MDLA

Who is Maria D. Awdi? The celebrated owner of MDLA

“Maria D. Awdi, owner of MDLA”
No one is going to believe in you like you do. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, and in your importance. Never lose hope; dream big; always shoot for the stars; and believe me, you’ll never fail. Even if you don’t reach your goal, your attempts are considered a huge triumph.

“Your ups and downs will make you a hero, so make sure never to stop.” Maria D Awdi. Maria De Los Angelos Awdi, known as Maria D. Awdi, is a well-known American-Lebanese entrepreneur based in Romania. Besides, Maria D. Awdi is the owner of the MDLA brand. 

“MDLA, a brand that holds the abbreviation of my name, will really make a huge change in your lives. It will add some colors to your world, brighten the dark side, and simplify your destinations. All I aim for is to create something that will be etched in everyone’s mind and that will really make certain positive changes in everyone’s wardrobe. I hope you’ll find your destination and be satisfied in my new world, MDLA. Stay tuned!” Maria D. Awdi. After years of working and succeeding in different domains, Maria D. Awdi decided to make her own brand, to work for her own name, and to start a new chapter in her life. From hotel business to real estate and styling store, to “MDLA.” Four letters, the first ones of her full name, may appear simple letters to some, but they are actually the title of a new chapter in Maria’s life.

Maria was working hard to finish her project in 2020, but it was postponed due to COVID-19. But a 2D virtual collection was launched on the brand’s Instagram page, @mdla.avenue. At the mean time, she is working on both a virtual and a real collection that will be launched in the spring and summer of 2023. The coming website for MDLA is www.mdla.ro

MDLA is located in the heart of downtown Bucharest. The brand will be selling and launching two collections. One will be for virtual outfits for those who are willing to wear virtual on social media and/or metaverse; they can buy it directly from Instagram and other websites that deal with virtual fashion around the world. The second collection will be physical, and it will target ladies of all ages. Ladies who are trend lovers, trendsetters, influencers on social media, and who are interested in a new brand of fashion founded by a woman Maria’s main target will be women who love expressing themselves in clothing that is beautiful, luxurious, and gives them a stately appearance. The brand will be selling the collection on Instagram and on its official website, www.mdla.ro. MDLA is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary fashion.

The brand evokes a mindset—an attitude, not an age. It’s a true original, always defining fashion’s next stride forward. MDLA embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle. Designed for the confident, modern woman—a woman that controls her own destiny. “Our woman is the leader of the pack, in the front row, and always on the list.” We want you to be your own fashion icon. “Whether you are the business woman, the trendsetter, the hustler, the life of the party, the wanderlust, or the social media maven, we’ll dress you from head-to-toe as you take the lead in your own life.” Maria D. Awdi MDLA is devoted to delivering the most sought-after, head-turning, up-to-the-minute trends to anyone, in Romania and soon anywhere in the world! Don’t forget to tag us in your fearless MDLA fit at @mdlalavenue.

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