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If people been injured in an accident in Gainesville, Ocala, or anywhere in North Central Florida, and they want personal injury attorneys who get results. Since 1983, Bagen Law Accident Injury Lawyers has been fighting for Florida’s injured. The Gainesville personal injury lawyers consistently fight and win big against insurance companies and corporations.

A motorcycle rider can suffer life-threatening injuries if hit by a car, truck, or an oversized vehicle. If the motorcycle rider is not protected from the impact, they may have to wait months or years to recover. When a motorcycle accident happens, the process of seeking compensation can be both physically and financially challenging. Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be a devastating experience for you. If they hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, you will be able to get the compensation you deserve if they have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Probably for the first time in your life, they might not know what a motorcycle accident lawyer is. An accident involving a motorcycle can led to injury or death for them, a family member, or a friend. They can count on your motorcycle accident attorney for all the legal aspects of your personal injury claim, from start to finish. The lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation into their case, gather relevant evidence, and seek compensation for your injuries on your behalf.

Despite the fact that motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries as well as fatalities, the fact remains that motorcycle riders are six times more likely to die in motorcycle accidents than passengers.

Your Motorcycle Accident Can Be Investigated By A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Across the country, there are approximately 90,300 motorcycle accidents every year. Unfortunately, investigating a motorcycle accident is not always an easy task. However, to determine if they can file a legal claim for your injuries, they will need to thoroughly investigate your accident.

The following steps may be included in a legal investigation:

  • Finding and interviewing accident witnesses
  • The weather conditions, date, and time of the accident should be documented
  • The accident may have been captured on surveillance footage, which means that you should look for it if there is any
  • It is imperative to take pictures of the accident scene as soon as possible
  • It is necessary to measure the accident scene and create diagrams to illustrate the sequence of events that led to the accident.
  • Examine closely the medical evidence that pertains to your injuries in order to determine the legitimacy of your claim

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help the citizens determine whether they have a valid claim for compensation against the other parties involved in the motorcycle accident. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can evaluate the strength of their legal claim based on how the accident occurred and its cause.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers: What Can They Do For Claim?

Often, drivers do not see motorcyclists on the road until it’s too late. In the event of a fatal accident because of carelessness on the part of a driver, that driver must be held accountable.

Motorcycle accident victims may find that there are roadblocks that prevent them from obtaining the compensation they need to recover from their injuries because of the accident. Insurance companies profit from paying motorcycle accident victims as little as possible. Most insurance companies will try to blame the motorcycle rider for the accident or delay paying out the claim.

When people involved in a motorcycle accident and need compensation for their medical expenses and other damages, they should contact Bagen Law, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. If they decide to hire us as the legal representative, the award-winning legal firm will handle everything from that day forward. They will answer your questions and help you decide what to do next. The legal firm will fight for compensation while you focus on recovering from their injuries.


Suppose the riders have been injured in a motorcycle accident. In that case, Bagen Law will help them file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for:

  • Bills for current and future medical care
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Earning capacity or wages lost
  • Anguish and suffering
  • Anguish and mental anguish
  • Changing the quality of life

For the most severe cases, the legal law firm assist victims’ families in pursuing wrongful death claims against at-fault drivers to get justice for their loved ones and protect their futures.

The bagen law firm will review your motorcycle accident claim at their consultation and then provide them with legal options that may be helpful. To ensure they receive maximum compensation for your motorcycle accident claim, legal firm will fight against the insurance companies on your behalf. They can even count on us to represent you in court if necessary.

Drivers’ Liability

When an accident is investigated, the cause of the accident is determined, and the responsible parties are identified. If negligence contributed to the accident, you might be entitled to compensation. A driver may be liable for an accident if they run a red light or speed through an intersection and hit a motorcycle. If a drunk driver strikes a motorcyclist, the driver may also be held accountable for any injuries.

Employers’ Responsibilities

During the investigation, third parties may also be investigated. If, for example, a driver negligently struck your motorcycle while in the course of their employment, the driver’s employer may be held responsible. Employers are often liable for their employees’ negligent actions through vicarious liability or financial responsibility.

Manufacturers’ Responsibilities

The manufacturer of a motorcycle or motorcycle parts may be held liable for a product liability claim if a part of the motorcycle is defective. This is because it causes an accident that injures you. Regardless of whether a company is found negligent, this type of personal injury lawsuit could hold the company strictly liable for defective parts it produces, markets, and distributes.

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