Jasa SEO Agency IKT Reveals the Impact of Google Fonts on SEO

Inti Karya Teknologi Ltd (IKT), an Indonesian Jasa SEO agency, found that using Google Fonts in the recommended way can slow down LCP, negatively impacting SEO. They found that alternative methods, such as local font storage, improve LCP loading by three times.

Inti Karya Teknologi Ltd (IKT), a leading Jasa SEO agency in Indonesia, has discovered a significant issue with using Google Fonts on websites that can have a detrimental effect on SEO. The agency found that simply using Google Fonts in the suggested way on the Google Fonts website can almost triple the time required to reach the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric, which became a crucial SEO ranking factor in 2021.

LCP is a user experience metric that measures the time it takes for the most significant element on a web page to be fully rendered. The slower the LCP, the worse the user experience, which can lead to lower rankings in search engine result pages.

IKT discovered that by embedding the content of generated Google Font stylesheets directly into the HTML document and loading the font stored locally on their server, they were able to slash the time of Largest Contentful Paint by 3, achieving a time of 1.3 seconds. This approach is considered the best way to implement google fonts on a website.

With the help of IKT, challenges such as managing and maintaining font files and making sure the files are up to date will be addressed. They provide full service, from implementing Google Fonts to maintaining the website best.

“As Jasa SEO agency, it’s our job to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and techniques,” said IKT CEO. “When we noticed that LCP had become a crucial ranking factor, we decided to investigate the impact of Google Fonts on LCP. We were shocked to discover the extent to which using Google Fonts in the recommended way can slow down LCP. But more importantly, we were excited to find a solution to improve LCP and help our clients achieve better rankings in search engine results pages.”

This research highlights the importance of being mindful of how google fonts are implemented on websites, as it can significantly impact user experience and, ultimately, the website’s SEO. IKT provides the solution for this issue and helps their clients to achieve better ranking in search engine result pages by addressing any SEO issues on their website.

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