LASERSKIN.CA now offers advanced hair loss treatments for androgenetic alopecia in men and women

LASERSKIN.CA is extending state-of-the-art PRP and SMP treatments for effectively managing androgenetic alopecia.

Toronto, Ontario – January 17, 2023 – LASERSKIN.CA offers highly advanced androgenetic alopecia treatments that have proven to be more effective in reducing hair fall compared to traditional hair loss treatments. The leading laser treatment clinic offers two cutting-edge treatments, PRP and SMP, for both men and women. Laser Skin Clinic’s Trichology Centre extends hair loss treatments.

Per the spokesperson’s statements from LASERSKIN.CA, Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) is common in both women and men. Men experience AGA in the form of a receding frontal hairline that can extend to the back of the head. AGA in men is mostly caused by the male hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) and genetics.

For women, the AGA condition leads to diffuse hair loss across the scalp area- it begins at the top of the scalp and then thins down through the whole scalp portion. While hormones and genetics are two lead factors in female AGA, other factors include stress, environment, lack of nutrition, ageing, and so on. DHT could be another factor here as well. 

“While AGA could be a glaring problem, we want to assure you that our clinic now offers highly advanced hair loss treatments and techniques for the condition. Our hair loss treatments aim to eliminate excessive unwanted hair fall and stimulate new hair growth. Not only have our treatments proven to be highly effective, but these also carry no side effects”, stated the spokesperson. 

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy works by injecting PRP injections into the scalp area that helps to generate hair regrowth. The therapy has shown to be highly effective as well as safe, without risk of serious side effects. The key reason the PRP for hair loss is a safe process is that the therapy uses the patient’s blood plasma to stimulate hair regrowth, not any external ingredients. 

LASERSKIN.CA deploys RF Microneedling Therapy combined with AAPE- a mix of highly potent growth factors extracted from body fat (adipose) for generating hair growth and improving scalp health. All the ingredients used in the treatment have been certified by the CFDA and US FDA. It’s a completely non-invasive procedure.  

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation (Hair Tattoo) helps to create a visual of the hairline over a completely bald area. Introduced two decades back in the U.K., SMP works more like a hair tattoo – however, the process uses different ink and techniques for traditional skin tattoos.  

The SMP treatment works by injecting minute dots of ink across the scalp area to emulate the visual of hair follicles. For men suffering from AGA, SMP could help make the hairline more pronounced and cover up the bald patches over the scalp.  

Men undergoing scalp micropigmentation are suggested to keep their hair short to ensure a seamless blend of the micropigmentation process with the existing hair at the back and side of the head.  

SMP could be a handy solution for women suffering from diffused hair loss. The technique would help create more density throughout the scalp region, creating a visual of fuller and denser hair. 

“We are backed by a team of highly trained SMP professionals who will help you to attain the perfect natural look of fuller hair or pronounced hairline, even in close view.” 

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Laser Skin Care Clinic and Trichology Centre offer free hair loss assessments online. In addition, we offer patients suffering from AGA a 16-week in-clinic hair loss treatment, including PRP hair treatment, AAPE, Pharma Hermetics, and DS Laboratories. 

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