Doge Protocol announces Mainnet cut-off block

Tallinn, Estonia – January 17, 2023 – Doge Protocol Community has announced details about the Mainnet cut-off block, as part of the first part of the project’s Mainnet launch. The Doge Protocol Mainnet launch is scheduled to be a multi-phased release that began with the release for code audit in December 2022. 

Token holders need to create their unique quantum-resistant wallets to receive coins in the Doge Protocol blockchain. Only those token holders who hold DogeP tokens in their personal wallets on July 1st 2023, 12 AM UTC and will create a quantum-resistant wallet will be able to get corresponding coins of the quantum-resistant blockchain. 

“As part of the Mainnet launch, the project would require DogeP token holders to generate quantum-resistant wallets. The exact cut-off block number in the Ethereum blockchain will be announced by the end quarter of June 2023.”, stated the community spokesperson. 

The process for creating quantum-resistant wallets will be shared by the Doge Protocol community on the project’s social media and other channels, in the upcoming weeks. Token holders are requested to complete the process as early as possible. Token holders who hold their tokens in centralized exchanges or smart contracts must move the tokens to their personal wallets, to be able to get coins in the quantum-resistant blockchain.

“As of now, we are following the scheduled date for the cut-off block number closely. However, there could be certain risks and challenges, such as quantum computer attacks, which might compromise the Ethereum blockchain prior to the cut-off block. But we have taken steps to mitigate these possible risks. We will take snapshots of the latest status of the Ethereum blockchain and share the details on the project’s social media and GitHub accounts. The last captured snapshot would help decide the cut-off block in this case.” 

Doge Protocol is an upcoming quantum resistant proof-of-stake blockchain that uses NIST standardized post-quantum cryptography to secure accounts and inter-node communication.

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