“Everyone is Dealt Different Cards, But It’s How You Play Them That Counts,” says Jose Torres as He Shares Insights on Building a Seven-Figure Business

"Everyone is Dealt Different Cards, But It’s How You Play Them That Counts," says Jose Torres as He Shares Insights on Building a Seven-Figure Business
Jose Torres has built a successful business and is now showing others how to do the same by helping them build automated Amazon and Walmart stores

The internet has opened up a wide variety of opportunities that have never been available before. Before, you needed to go to a recognized university if you wanted to have a good paying job. The internet has changed this. Anyone has the tools and resources to become wealthy now, it just depends if they decide to exercise them or not.

Jose Torres is a seasoned Amazon expert who has now sold over $100 million in products which has provided freedom for him and his daughter. He worked with Upwork for four years, collecting data for Amazon. He began to implement the things he had learned, and soon he had a profitable business that generated significant income every month.

The results Jose was getting were surreal, and he wanted to share how with others, helping them achieve a profitable business for themselves. Jose established Modiv Automation, a company that specializes in building and establishing Amazon and Walmart stores. He provides individuals who want to improve their lives with the opportunity to do so, helping them achieve financial freedom by leveraging the authority of eCommerce stores in the United States.

“As a sophomore in college, I was interested in the idea of making money,” explained Jose Torres. “To be honest, you’re taught about how to make money in theory, but not in practice. It’s an ideology based on capitalism. The intention of college is clear—to make you financially stable—but it’s unnecessary if you want financial freedom. Having mastered this path, I and the team at Modiv Automations are committed to helping people achieve financial freedom. We set up automated Amazon and Walmart stores where they can have a hands-free business that helps them diversify their income.”

Everyone wants financial freedom for themselves and their family and it’s opportunities like eCommerce that are allowing people to break free of financial constraint. It doesn’t matter what your background is, if you’re willing to leverage these opportunities, everyone has a fair chance. Jose Torres was no different from anyone else and grew up an extremely poor country but decided that he wouldn’t let that dictate his life. Take the cards you were dealt with and learn how to play them.

About Modiv Automation

Modiv Automation is a performance-driven automation company by Jose Torres dedicated to growing eCommerce businesses for private clients. Over the years, the company has worked on personal and private accounts, helping thousands of clients from around the world grow a real business assest that will prove to be a great addition to their income portfolio.

For more information, please visit https://www.modivautomation.com/

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