Sarkar Tactical Offers MICH Helmets and Kevlar Vest in the UK

Sarkar Tactical is a dependable company that manufactures tactical equipment and body armour solutions for law enforcement organisations and civilians in several countries.

Sarkar Tactical manufactures professional-grade body armour equipment and tactical accessories used by law enforcement, military personnel, and others to protect their lives in the line of duty or for personal defence.

A question about their MICH helmets was answered by a representative for Sarkar Tactical.

“The enhanced 4-point retention and suspension system for the pads is a feature of the helmet, and it is connected to the shell using ballistic-resistant hardware. The front and back of the harness have movable slides that can be utilised to alter the fit and stability.”

The Sarkar BFV110 from Sarkar Tactical, a leading UK bulletproof vest manufacturer, combines the safety and buoyancy features of a flotation vest with the ballistic properties of a tactical vest. The vest won’t ride up while submerged thanks to the shoulder closure’s design, a full wrap-around nylon webbing belt, and a groyne strap to withstand the demands of military and tactical service life. Longevity is ensured by the material choice, ergonomic design, and garment structure. The front and back panels of the vest are one continuous panel. The front, back, and sides of the torso are fully protected as a result.

The representative went on to say. “A suspension system made up of two front, and rear pads, four lateral pads, and one crown pad is included with each helmet. The pads are 3/4 inches thick and come in optional 1-inch thick pads.”

What began as a modest business called Sarkar Tactical, initially offering alternatives to body armour to the general public and law enforcement, has grown into a team of dedicated workers who make ballistic helmets for soldiers all around the world. Ballistic helmets, eye protection, and other items have been added to Sarkar’s line of protective gear as a result of the rising demand for their goods. Without the ongoing support of customers and supporters who value high-quality products and manufacturing, this expansion would not have been possible. Those who are looking to Buy mich helmet should consider Sarkar Tactical as their top choice.

About Sarkar Tactical

Sarkar Tactical is dedicated to the idea that law enforcement and citizen safety are paramount in the preservation and protection of life. The company was formed as a direct response to the escalating threat level facing law enforcement personnel across the nation resulting in calls for increased protection for officers in the line of duty. While the founders realised that there was a tremendous need for body armour and related accessories, they also recognised the need for a public safety organisation that would place emphasis on customer service, high-quality products, and competitive pricing. If you are looking to buy a kevlar vest in the UK, you should visit Sarkar Tactical’s official website for price options and details.

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