Founder, consultant and innovation buff Big Soph has her sights set on the creator economy.

Creative entrepreneur and marketing specialist Big Soph is revolutionizing the creator economy by offering unique marketing tactics for creators, including insider tips on monetization.

The evolutionary rise of the creator economy has paved the way for digital creators to thrive. This outgrowth continues to define an economic movement shaping and expanding the reach for creative talent. As this happens, Big Soph is helping creators identify opportunities that support their growth and equipping them with ways to monetize their efforts in various ways. Big Soph says online digital platforms are a great starting point for creative professionals. These platforms give direct access to audiences, production and markets where they can monetize their work. Online platforms also offer flexibility, allowing room to learn and grow.

Guiding creators towards success in the creator economy with Big Soph

Big Soph is a creative entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, consultant and innovation enthusiast who leverages cutting-edge technologies to help creators make a mark in their industry. Big Soph founded Kopius Media, a digital marketing agency focused on branding, consulting, marketing and monetization for creators. Kopius Media has quickly risen the ranks and achieved many milestones for its clients. Big Soph has amassed over 100 million views across platforms, found growth hacks that increase client revenue, published bestselling books, landed music placements on VH1, MuchMusic, BET and more, and worked with global brands like ASOS and Journeyz, among other notable achievements.

Besides Kopius Media, Sophie Steele also offers two core products built for the creator economy, Bridgr and Grow with Soph.

– is a platform that helps creators lay down optimized infrastructure for operational and marketing success. The platform focuses on helping creators identify areas that are dragging them down and plug the holes to ensure success.

–  Grow with Soph provides educational resources for creators to establish, build and scale their businesses. Grow with Soph equips creators with the tools they need to succeed in the creator economy and gives clients access to funding opportunities, mentors, personal development coaching and more.

Marketing tactics for the music industry with Big Soph

The music industry business is a minefield that most creators don’t know how to navigate. Starting as a creator herself, Big Soph created music that sold, but she didn’t know much about the business, which ended up costing her success. This led her to learn all about the business so that she could help other creators grow a successful career from their passion. 

Through her various speaking engagements, Big Soph breaks down monetization in the digital creator economy and how creators can remain on a consistent growth curve in their digital careers. In her most recent speaking engagements at the Advanced Learning Institute and the Indie Artist Summit, Big Soph reiterated her belief that collaboration is the key to success. Her dedication to innovation and revolutionizing the creative economy is apparent in her teachings, where she guides people towards creating their own unique business models.

Taking the first step in the creator economy

As technologies, operations and marketing techniques continue to evolve, Big Soph looks forward to expanding her company and reach. She is also actively collaborating with marketing professionals, consultants and key players in various creative industries to continue learning and expanding her advocacy for issues surrounding the creator economy.

Her unique approach to educating creators is a much-needed breath of fresh air for the creator economy. Follow Big Soph on Instagram for more information.

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