My Other Half: Xayley Rose’s Epic New Novel, Will Help Readers Deal with Real-Life Challenges

My Other Half is a riveting and impactful coming-of-age novel by author Xayley Rose that depicts various themes such as friendship, mental health, courage, love, hate, and relationships, a healing offering for adolescent suffering.

Young adulthood can be a time of tremendous growth and change for young people; they have a lot on their plates, and their lives can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, with so many challenges and real-life issues, it can be a stressful time. As they enter the “adult” world, young adults (18-25 years old) may require more resources and support.

My Other Half, by Xayley Rose, is a coming-of-age novel that offers a filter-free window into the world of young adults balancing relationships and existential challenges in a ruthless world. Rose’s enthralling novel exposes people’s true colors. The intriguing and surprising combination of multiple genres and themes will captivate and surprise all readers, while the contents will also assist in connecting the narrative with real-life experiences.

My Other Half consists of a lead character, Isabella Washington, who has faced tumultuous trials of confusion and deceit since a young age, but the best friend she met along the way, Aiden Cunningham, gave her balance,” states Xayley Rose when asked about her intriguing coming-of-age novel.

“Faced with the tumultuous trials of growing up in a confusing and sometimes cruel world, Isabella and Aiden must learn to navigate the unforgiving waters of adolescence while trying to keep their lifelong friendship alive,” continued Rose.

Dealing with new responsibilities, uncertainties, and life challenges, all while balancing a social life, can be exhausting and emotionally draining for anyone. My Other Half novel contains real-life issues that young adults and anyone may face, such as mental health and abuse. Through her captivating story of love, courage, and friendship, Xayley Rose inspires her readers to overcome these and any life challenges.

About the Author

Xayley Rose is a young adult author who writes novels that depicts life in the modern world. She was diagnosed with autism at the age of twenty-two, but she hasn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams. She began writing short stories in small spiral notebooks when she was eleven years old. Xayley is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a degree in Criminal Justice, but her true passion is writing. She enjoys reading, drawing, and spending time with her family in her spare time, including being a mom to her tuxedo cat.


A moving and thoughtful coming-of-age novel that reveals profound themes of friendship, courage, and relationships. My Other Half is an engaging and inspiring read that is ideal for anyone dealing with the trials of adolescence.

My Other Half by Xayley Rose will be available on March 10, 2023. To pre-order, readers are invited to visit Amazon or check the website below for more information.

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