Chandler Physical Therapy at Origin Rehabilitation and Performance for Sports Rehabilitation and Performance Training Helps Patients Pursue an Active Lifestyle

Origin Rehabilitation and Performance works with athletes, sportspersons, and active individuals. It offers sports rehabilitation and pain relief from ligament and muscle injuries. The therapist here has helped many individuals return to active recreational activities safely.

According to announcements released by Origin Rehabilitation and Performance and Jacob Dye, this Chandler physical therapy center treats ligament and muscle injuries, including sprains and strains. It offers post-surgical rehab for meniscus injuries, ankle fractures, sports hernia, and rotator cuff injuries.

The physical therapy program at Origin Rehabilitation and Performance is ideal for active individuals and sportspersons. The therapy center follows a proven, researched-backed approach and includes movements and activities that replicate those desired or required by the patient. The therapy center has a well-equipped gym to enable patients to achieve their recovery goals.

​Origin Rehabilitation and Performance ensures that every session the patient attends delivers benefits that can be felt and measured. The therapist here answers questions and guides patients on suitable exercises that can be done at home. Each one-on-one session is progress for the client to become stronger, improved versions of themselves.

It is recommended that one should consider consulting a therapist for pain that persists for more than a week. The sessions are structured to narrow the gap between injury and performance consistently. They include warm-up, jumping strength training, conditioning and cardio, speed training, agility training, etc.

Therapy sessions for conditions such as ACL treat athletes so that they can compete again with minimal risk of injuries and tears. The therapy clinic also offers the option of virtual ACL return-to-sport therapy sessions. 60-minute Zoom sessions prepare the athlete for surgery and the post-surgery recovery phase. The app used for online therapy records progress and lets the therapist make an informed call on the subject’s response to treatment.

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Jacob Dye of Origin Rehabilitation and Performance said, “95% of athletes receive six months or less of rehab. ​Athletes who receive six months or less of rehab are 7x more likely to retear their ACL. Origin’s ACL return to sport lasts 9-14 months, depending on the athlete’s needs​​​. Only 42% of athletes return to their sport after an ACL tear. This is due to low-quality rehab and a lack of addressing athletes’ fears. Origin’s ACL program is built based on research that has shown that high-quality rehab can increase the return to sport rate to 87%.

Rehab based on old research and traditional concepts has led to retear rates of 25%. Origin uses a sports medicine and sports performance approach to decrease the risk of retear to 5% or less​. Origin’s physical therapists are trained as Doctor of Physical Therapy and strength and conditioning certified coaches.

This leads to the athlete receiving a complete rehab to sport process, which includes sports performance training to create an athlete that performs at a higher level than before their injury.

This also allows the clinician to work with the athlete one-on-one for their entire 9-14 month rehab, which has been shown to improve patient outcomes; gone are the days of being passed off to a rehab tech in a packed clinic that is not tailored to athletes.”

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Origin Rehabilitation and Performance structures its rehab for clients based on their requirements. It helps sportspersons return to an even better physical condition than earlier. Its plan of care includes therapy, training, and gym. It maximizes performance rather than just treating pain and injury.

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