MTWorld and Avatar Game Studio Announced Collaboration

MTWorld and Avatar Game Studio have announced a collaboration to bring cutting-edge gaming experiences to the decentralized metaverse.

As a UGC-driven decentralized metaverse platform, MTWorld provides a decentralized and open environment for users to create, share, and monetize their virtual content. Avatar Game Studio, as a Web3 Game Studio based in Singapore, specializes in developing and publishing blockchain-based games that offer unique and engaging gameplay experiences.

The collaboration will see Avatar Game Studio creating and publishing games specifically designed for the MTWorld metaverse, leveraging the platform’s decentralized infrastructure to offer true ownership and trading of in-game assets. This will allow players to have true ownership of their virtual items and the ability to trade them on the open market, bringing a whole new level of immersion and economic opportunities to the gaming experience.

Additionally, the partnership will also allow MTWorld to expand its gaming offerings and attract a wider audience of gamers to the platform.

The companies have not yet announced any specific titles or release dates for the games, but they have stated that they are working on several projects and more information will be announced in the near future.

Overall, the collaboration between MTWorld and Avatar Game Studio promises to bring a new level of innovation and excitement to the decentralized metaverse and gaming industry, offering users unique and engaging gameplay experiences while also providing new economic opportunities through true ownership and trading of in-game assets. 

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