Poet, Writer, Engineer, Merchant Seaman, and HVAC Technician. What could be more interesting?

Transparency is the first step towards recovery.

His name is David Fredette. He was a Merchant Seaman, 28 years ago, and, like 007, Dave traveled around the world, and did highly classified missions, for the United States Navy. It’s not MI6, but, still, he cannot go into detail about his experiences, even today. For, if he did, he would have to kill all of the potential readers, of his literary works. The most Dave can share, is in his books.

Dave is 52 years old.

He is a retired Marine Engineer who promotes his own brand, davidfredettebooks.com

Mr. Fredette has never been married, Single, and no children.

Visit David Fredette’s website, for more insight.

When purchasing Dave’s books, from his website, he recommends the potential reader purchase a “full set”, for each person, whom will read the books. A full set is 6 books. David Fredette recommends, each person, whom reads the books, be informed, one way, or another, that the books should be read, in the following order, for the best clarity.:

1) “The Jesuit: A Christian Gets His Wings” – Fictional Storybook (Novella)

2) “Walk in Faith, and Eat When You’re Hungry: The Jesuit on Steroids” – Fictional Storybook (Novella)

3) “Latent Heat: A Year’s Worth” – Poetry Book

4) “Latent Heat: A Year’s Worth: Revised Edition” – Poetry Book

5) “All Cartoons, Not Chess, in a Relationship” – Poetry Book

6) “Subtle Passages” – Poetry Book

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