Pharmacy Near Me Launches Data and API Updates, Enriching Its Comprehensive Medical Database

Pharmacy Near Me is an online searchable database comprised of pharmacy listings and information regarding medications and medical products based on FDA and RxNorm databases. The company recently launched a fresh batch of data and API updates.

The healthcare industry in the United States is a vast space comprised of innumerable pharmacies, drugstores, and clinics, each offering a different catalog of various medical products with different price tags and availability.

Healthcare workers and employees handling purchases, shipments, and sales of medical items need accurate information as quickly as possible to ensure that supply chains perform smoothly. Pharmacy Near Me is an online database offering free listings and information about medications and medical products, empowering healthcare workers, providers, and establishments in this space with quick and easy access to reliable information.  

Pharmacy Near Me has connected its database with those of the leading medical institutions and organizations, including but not limited to the Food and Drug Administration, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, National Uniform Claim Committee, and more.

The company’s spokesperson imparted that Pharmacy Near Me, in collaboration with HealthPorta, has been working on further expanding the website’s database and streamlining the access to valuable information by deploying a range of data and API updates, stating the following:

“The team at Pharmacy Near Me and HealthPorta have improved significantly by linking their APIs. The connection allows different software systems to get updates from the National Plan and Provider Enumeration Systems (NPPES, National Provider Identifier data), National Uniform Claim Committee, and Health Plan Data, as well as access information provided by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This connection will help healthcare providers save time and money by streamlining the process of collecting, validating, and updating their information,” Pharmacy Near Me’s spokesperson said.

With the on-site integrated “Find a Pharmacy” tool, anyone with access to the internet can quickly find the cost of different medication products, as well as a list of the nearest pharmacies offering medications typed into the search bar. The process is quick, simple, and most importantly, delivers surgically accurate results.

As stated by the company’s spokesperson, Pharmacy Near Me’s mission is to “improve the US Healthcare system via an open-source solution based on machine-readable files and data.” The recent data & API updates have helped the company inch toward its goal while the firm’s spokesperson imparted that Pharmacy Near Me has pledged to continue improving and updating the website, stating:

“We hope to help patients to get more accurate and timely information about their health care. The new updates from Pharmacy Near Me and HealthPorta are a welcome step forward in improving open data in the US Healthcare system. By making data easier to access and use, providers will be able to serve their patients better and help ensure that everyone gets the best care possible,” the company’s spokesperson said.

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