Re-defining High Performance: Susannah Kindred’s Unique Approach Is Shaping The Game For Sustainable Success

Unlocking the secrets to sustainable high performance: Meet Susannah Kindred, the Performance and Mindset coach pushing the boundaries of lasting success. With a Master of Clinical Psychology and a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential, Susannah has established KINDRED Thriving, a coaching program that provides the unique tools and strategies needed for sustainable high performance.

High achievers and high performers face immense pressure to live up to their own standards of success, but what sets them apart from those who burn out or fall short of their goals are the behaviors, mindsets, and emotional shifts that propel them to the next level. Susannah recognizes this struggle and is dedicated to helping big thinkers, high performers, and values-driven individuals achieve greater success with less overwhelm and doubt.

Many high performers operate from a “threat system” in order to motivate themselves, but Susannah’s program encourages a different approach – one that focuses on anchoring into what matters most, gaining emotional and mental mastery, and utilizing what she calls “compassionate drive” as motivation for bold action and ambitious goals.

Performance isn’t just about hard work or great skill – it’s about connecting with your life in a meaningful way. Susannah provides individual coaching sessions and has released new keynote topics for organizations interested in the intersection of wellbeing and high performance. Her ultimate goal is to help people access the resources they need to grow, excel, and thrive.

Combining her expertise in clinical psychology and performance coaching, Susannah provides evidence-based strategies and belief in your potential to help achieve lasting success at any level, both personally and professionally. This is about changing not what we do but how we do it to transform high performance. Visit Susannah’s website at to inquire about private coaching or to book a speaking event for your organization.


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