The Immune System is the Key to Good Health & Living a Longer Life

The Immune System is the Key to Good Health & Living a Longer Life
If you could extend your life and eliminate or minimize the chances of your body being attacked by disease and sickness with one simple solution, would you try it?

We all have the ability to do a better job of allowing our bodies to fight disease and chronic illness.  It’s a TWO LETTER SOLUTION.  pH!!!  Do you know what pH means?  Did you know that increasing your pH to a level of 7+ can help you fight off disease and illness?

Due to improper diet, medications, drugs, and lifestyles, the majority of people living in the United States are becoming unhealthier. Those choices will push your body to become more acidic, which is known in the medical world as chronic low metabolic acidosis.

In an acidic state your body is in a constant state of inflammation rendering your body incapable of defending itself. This chronic acid buildup will affect every system in your body including your immune system, the main system in fighting against outside invaders like bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

There are very few ways to monitor your internal body’s pH. You can get a blood test done and it will tell you where your pH stands but that is complex, costly, and time consuming, not to mention by the time you get it done your body has already made an appropriate arrangement to balance “Robbing Peter to pay Paul sort of solution”. Your internal organs including your bones, kidneys, and lungs have to kick in overdrive in order to bring your body’s pH back to balance.

So are there simpler ways to check your pH? There are other ways to check the status of your health by using pH strips, although not as accurate as getting blood pH done but it should give you enough warning ahead of time. Saliva tests, which are easy to perform and non-invasive, can be used to monitor both oral disease (especially periodontal disease) and physical conditions, like metabolic syndrome (MetS), which covers many diseases including Diabetes. The ideal saliva pH is 7. A pH value between 6.7 to 7.3 is generally seen in healthy people. Saliva pH below 7 usually indicates increased acid production in the body, which is an easy way that tells you that your body is not in a good health, your immune system is weak and chances are, you are going to be sick soon. Simplest way to find out your saliva pH is using a pH strip. Fill your mouth with saliva and then swallow or spit it out. Fill your mouth with saliva again and then place a small amount of it on a pH strip. The strip will change colors based on the acidity/alkalinity of your saliva. The outside of the box of pH strips will have a color chart for comparison.

According to Doctors, the fastest way to bring your body’s pH back to balance is with alkaline concentrate of a pH of 11 plus along with a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and reduction in acidic food.

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