Dr. Alicia Newsome Empowers Women to Transform their Lives

The spaces she create, provide an avenue for women to truly understand their bodies and address their health concerns.

They say women are complicated. Many things about them are difficult to understand. And since no one or nothing can fully explain most things about them, they are treated as a mystery. But even when women are often seen as complicated creatures, they have played various roles throughout history. And as society continues to evolve, so do women’s roles. Today, they work in all types of industries, hold leadership roles and are often juggling work, life and home responsibilities.. Although an improvement from before, there are still things about women that remain unquestioned and continue to affect their lives.

One such issue is their body and health. Many women still do not understand their bodies, which pulls them away from growth opportunities and dreams. Because of this, a US- based doctor turned health and success coach created a space for women who want to understand their bodies, get answers and excel at what they do.

Dr. Alicia Newsome is a functional medicine practitioner, health and success coach, and international speaker. She established Body Wellness Institute to provide an avenue for women to address their concerns without using drugs or surgery.

Having experienced struggles with health, career, and personal life, Dr. Alicia made it her mission to empower women going through their struggles to turn their lives around. She does not want more women to undergo the struggles & phases she went through. She knows how difficult it is to not get answers or be steered in the wrong direction. That is why Dr. Alicia created a space where women could freely ask questions about their issues and get the correct answers so they could understand what was happening, why it’s happening, and how they could resolve their issues. Through the Body Wellness Institute, Dr. Alicia helps countless women who want to improve their lives.

Dr. Alicia offers specially designed & customized programs to help women address their concerns regarding hormones, digestion, and fertility issues. She uses her personal experiences, medical knowledge, and extensive training to connect with her audience and deliver powerful and engaging interactions. She focuses on the root causes of the issues to formulate long-term solutions with lasting results. Her three-step proprietary process allows her to fully understand each issue, and help women embrace their true selves and experience happiness, peace, balance, and success.

In Dr. Alicia’s expert opinion, women can feel more empowered when they are knowledgable about what is going on their bodies. From there, they can be in control of their health and ultimately their life. That is why she came up with programs that can provide all the correct answers without undergoing unnecessary procedures. “Helping women find out exactly what is happening to their bodies and resolving those issues without using drugs or surgery is our primary goal,” she shared. “Our programs are specifically designed to do just that,” she added.

Today, Dr. Alicia continues to help women realize their potential and become the person they were always meant to be. She also created Powerful and Healthy Academy as an online learning platform where woman easily access a multiple of resources to be powerful and healthy all at the same time.

To know more about Dr. Alicia, her programs, and Body Wellness Institute, visit https://dralicianewsome.com/.

About Body Wellness Institute

Body Wellness Institute was created to help women understand their body concerns and resolve their health issues without using drugs or surgery. It helps empower women to become what they were always meant to be.

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