I’m Pretty Savvy: Exposing Minds to Experience a New World

Play to find out who’s the most clever, smart, and creative among friends and family

When one is looking for a nice and entertaining game for adults, there are thousands of board games to choose from in the market. But for those who are looking for something new, a game that can expose their minds to experience a new world— I’m Pretty Savvy is the game that hosts and guests would not want to miss.

I’m Pretty Savvy is not a typical board game; it sparks creativity and allows the player to become multi-dimensional and to think outside the box. This is an exciting game when hosting a group of friends, a family reunion, and even birthdays. In fact, it can also be a perfect gift to loved ones who are game fanatics.

Curious about how the game works? The premise of I’m Pretty Savvy is easy to play and it can be played with two or more people. Game players just have to respond to random questions in a span of one minute, making sure that they are confident and witty with every response. Because if they give a wrong answer, it’s the opponent’s job to pay attention and challenge impractical or incorrect responses. Also note that the same answers cannot be used twice within the game. In order to win and be hailed as the savviest of them all, superior listening and negotiation skills are needed.

More and more people are discovering the fun and excitement brought by I’m Pretty Savvy. In fact, people who have tried out the game shared that one card can start a debate of over 20 minutes. It is definitely a hit with groups of friends and families as they figure out who is the smartest in the group who can catch wrong answers. “It is a very fun game, people will get to discover their creative or competitive sides trying to figure out the answers with the limited time given,” one of their happy players shared.

At present, I’m Pretty Savvy is available for only $28.99 and they offer free shipping nationwide with a money-back guarantee. For those who are interested in getting their hands on a game that guarantees laughs, stay tuned to I’m Pretty Savvy’s Instagram account because they will be launching a free giveaway soon.

People will say anything and I’m Pretty Savvy requires players to stay savvy even if it’s not their turn. Discover more about this mind-blowing game for any occasion and visit https://imprettysavvy.com/.

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