A Rich And Evocative Perspective Into Alternative And Country – Introducing Singer-Songwriter Collin Craff

A Rich And Evocative Perspective Into Alternative And Country - Introducing Singer-Songwriter Collin Craff
Crafting real-life stories into moving and poignant musical compositions, Collin Craff is a Trinidadian artist who wants to touch hearts and minds

A Trinidadian singer-songwriter who remains diligently devoted to pouring his heart and soul into his craft, Collin Craff is an artist to look out for. With his soulful vocals amplifying the power of his mellow instrumentation, the eclectic artist paints an emotive, visceral portrait of various subjects.

Craff was raised in the rustic southern parts of a small area in Trinidad called Brother’s Road, Princes Town, and was always deeply rooted in culture, religion, family values, and music. This resonance and grounding within his roots are reflected through tracks such as: “Grandpa’s Love Song,” “Much Thanks, Your X,” and others that have been shared on his official platforms.

At a tender age, the artist displayed an aptitude for music and singing. He quickly realized that he possessed an admirable ability to memorize melody lines and lyrics in a short space of time. From childhood into adolescence, the budding artist engaged in singing alternative and contemporary pop-rock. Craff also developed a love for the acoustic guitar- an instrument that has become his characteristic identity.

Embracing his musical profession as a teacher at the age of 19, the talented artist was able to pursue his passion for music consistently and conscientiously. Craff began surrounding himself with the likes of Creed, Lifehouse, Staind, Nixons, and The Cranberries and began attempts to craft songs of his own. Gaining more confidence and inspiration through live performances at weddings, churches, concerts, and charity events, he began building a name for himself steadily.

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An inimitable talent in Alternative and Country, Collin Craff is known for the unique ways he writes, plays, and composes his musical compositions. Adopting the role of a full-time teacher early on, while also balancing his act as a part-time singer-songwriter, Craff pursued music in a more formal way when he enrolled in one of his country’s Teachers’ Training Colleges. Here, with the guitar as his instrument of choice, he graduated with a Distinction in his elective in Music.

Within the next few years, Collin Craff refined his dexterity and determined the type of artist he wanted to mold himself into. Noting that his voice was indeed a signature one, accompanied by the matching skillset on the guitar, he acknowledged that limiting himself to one genre of music would be a misfortune. He embraced an overwhelming appreciation for various genres to which his audiences were pleasurably receptive. Craff presently resides on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago. He continues in his profession as a teacher and part-time artist, conveying continuous affection and elation with his infectious music, in and out of the classroom.


Collin Craff

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