The Minute Journal App: Improve Mental Health and Clarity Through Journaling

In a fast-paced world where depression and anxiety are too common, it is of utmost importance for people to access products and services designed to help them improve their mental health and overall wellbeing.

The team at The Minute Journal is doing just that with the recent launch of their new app; The Minute Journal. Their mission is to help people find mental clarity so they can tap into their greatest potential.

It can be difficult to consistently practice mindfulness or track habits – the Minute Journal fixes that by subtly reminding people to check in with themselves every time they open a new tab in Google Chrome.

The Minute Journal was created after the founder was annoyed by mobile apps lacking proper notifications to stay consistent with journaling. These notifications piled up along with emails, news alerts, and weather, which only annoyed him – which isn’t the point of journaling in the first place! Journaling should be a tool that’s used to help declutter one’s mind, sort through emotions, and better understand oneself. The Minute Journal was then created to help subtly remind users to check in with themselves by integrating into people’s workflows via Google Chrome.

The blank canvas-style journal helps with the following:

–  Journal with daily prompts to better sort through and understand emotions
–  Track healthy habits and export all entries to Google Sheets
–  Practice mindfulness meditation

The Minute Journal has received tons of positive feedback for their work in helping people sort through their mood and emotions.

“Ever since I started using The Minute Journal, my mood has improved significantly. Starting off your day on the right foot and in a positive mindset has made me more successful in achieving my personal and academic goals,” wrote Sabo Masties, a university student.

“I’ve tried multiple physical journals but would end up getting frustrated at how complicated they were and would give up. The Minute Journal has saved me time, money (no more buying journals every month!), and has improved my mental health,” mentioned Greg Alsas, a startup founder.

The Minute Journal also has a publication that features inspirational and motivational stories geared towards helping users get into their flow state and improve their mental health; two things that are crucial to success. While the Minute Journal is currently available only in Google Chrome, they are planning on releasing it to users who have Internet Explorer and Firefox in the coming months.

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