IPRoyal Announces Rebranding, Website Redesign, and Service Improvements

IPRoyal is launching a new visual identity, including a new logo, website design, and improved services for a new approach and more streamlined user experience.

IPRoyal just unveiled a new visual identity, including a new logo and website design, as part of a thorough rebranding initiative. This change aims to better reflect the company’s services and focus on its core values. Currently, IPRoyal offers a full range of high-quality proxy servers for safe and private internet access, avoiding geo-restrictions, and protecting sensitive user data from online threats.

The new brand identity conveys IPRoyal’s dedication to the core values the company was built on:

–  Transparency

IPRoyal has focused on transparency in every aspect of its services from the very beginning. The new website design stays true to this approach with features like detailed usage reports, traffic insights, access to the fastest IPs available, and more. The company’s pool of ethically-sourced residential proxies has recently reached 2 million IP addresses and keeps growing.

–  Reliability

The company built its reputation by providing an unmatched price/value ratio. While this remains a focal point, one of the goals behind the rebranding was to emphasize the quality of service: high speeds, stability, efficiency, and consistent privacy all clients can rely on.

–  Dedication

IPRoyal is also known for stellar customer satisfaction and support. Putting clients first is a top priority 24/7, and the company aims to stay dedicated to meeting their needs with exceptional service, documentation, and support experts who are always available and ready to help.

–  Responsiveness

IPRoyal is all about ensuring uninterrupted access to data. With so many changes in the industry, the company will remain focused on listening to customer feedback, adapting, and implementing any necessary changes to offer the best service possible.

The rebranding effort marks a vital milestone for the company as it keeps growing and providing clients worldwide with reliable and efficient solutions for unrestricted internet access, web scraping, social media management, eCommerce, and more. The visual changes are only one part of the overall transformation. IPRoyal is also introducing new features to offer a better, more streamlined, and more convenient service across all products.

“Since the very beginning, our focus has been to build and improve secure, reliable, and cost-effective proxy services and ensure our clients get proxies they can rely on regardless of their needs. With the rebranding, we’re emphasizing the values which got us to where we are today,” says Karolis Toleikis, the CEO and founder of IPRoyal.

According to IPRoyal’s head of design: “Our new identity was developed gradually, with extensive studies of our clients’ needs. Our main advantages were clear from the start, so it was easy to focus on what we want to emphasize and what the tone of communication should be. By prioritizing the transparency and expertise of the company and its products, visuals that directly reflect these ideas came naturally. We also wanted IPRoyal to look more modern – this led to an update of our logo and colors. We decided to keep our recognizable crown symbol but add multiplicity to it, reflecting growth and transparency. Finally, all these new elements have settled on the new website along with the visuals of future communication.”

About IPRoyal

IPRoyal is one of the leading proxy service providers, offering a global network of reliable and secure proxy servers for business and personal needs. The company developed its own residential proxy pool with proxies in 195 countries, precise targeting, and other advanced features for efficient web scraping, market research, SEO analysis, and more. The company also offers datacenter proxies, mobile proxies, private proxies, sneaker proxies, and a range of tools to provide private and secure internet access to businesses and individuals worldwide.

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