“Unmasked: Post-Covid Social Dilemma” Touches on “Idea of Normalcy in a Post-Covid World” from the Perspective of an Admired Writer, Miss Aishwarya Pathak

Aishwarya Pathak is an adored Indian writer, currently working as a Project Manager at ARHS Developments, Luxembourg. Miss Aishwarya recently penned down an article about the landscape of a post-covid world, expressing her thoughts and touching on important psychological aspects regarding the world’s future.

The Covid-19 pandemic officially started in November 2019. It forever changed the lives of all people across all compass points with social distancing and innumerable businesses being shut down for good. Thousands of lives were lost and what used to define normalcy in everyday life no longer had any meaning. 

Aishwarya Pathak, a scholar, writer, and effective emotional leadership psychology practitioner touched on the post-covid social dilemma with her new article titled “Unmasked”. Aishwarya imparted that she got accustomed to wearing a mask, the lockdowns, and all the rules that countries imposed to prevent future outbreaks. She also imparted that when the lockdowns were finally lifted, the world did not miraculously return to what it used to be, stating:

“As I lie in bed wide awake in my tiny studio, I couldn’t help but overthink. Starting tomorrow, I don’t need to carry an extra mask in my bag or wear one either, yet what about this new identity I subconsciously created to survive the isolation and the lockdown? The harsh truth is that I lost a few people to Covid while some left by choice and the fact that penned-down dreams and hopes never happened. So, are we really unmasked?” said Miss Pathak.  

The impacts of lockdowns have been two-sided; while some were enjoying the time with their loved ones, teleworking from Goa, and saving more money, on the other hand, were many struggling with estranged relationships, suffering bereavement, and unemployment impacting not just the individual but the whole household. Nevertheless, the middle class is one hospital bill away from poverty. 

Furthermore, the education system went online, and while some appreciated children getting familiar with the new virtual infrastructure – technology is the future, some also reported concern about behavioral change in their children. Being young and tender, the beginning of education is the most crucial time at which the character is formed and impressions from surroundings are more readily absorbed. 

Our society made a virtue of FOMO on social media trends and habits. During this process of scrolling down the reels, teens subconsciously kept comparing, reflecting, and generating thoughts of inadequacy about life or appearance. “We tossed aside the inner journey, self-reflection, and the quest for a center within,” added Aishwarya Pathak.

“Obviously, Covid not only impacted the physical health of nations but also resulted in a global cultural crisis. The sudden mobility restrictions, isolation, and fear of loss resulted also in an outbreak of anxiety and a disturbance in social balance. Every phone call during the outbreak triggered a nervousness to pick up and answer. Covid, without debate, is considered one of the most catastrophic crises for humanity. Some losses might never be recovered. The identity of individuals determined their endurance throughout such unprecedented times. Not only was this situation adverse but it also lasted for two years.” Aishwarya Pathak continued. 

Miss Pathak also imparted that Covid also brought some good embodied by selfless acts and support, stating:

“To balance the negative heart-breaking impacts of Covid, as good always follows evil, we also witnessed humility and humanity at its best. People were going out of their way to support. Unity has helped individuals in staying strong and be happy to live to see another day. Emotional support was important for people as they were more optimistic about the consequences of Covid and hoped for the best” Miss Pathak said. 

More information about this upcoming writer is available on her official LinkedIn page.

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