Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy Opens For New And Experienced Writers

New online screenwriting academy assists writers who are answering the call for family friendly content.

In response to an increasing demand for faith based and family friendly films, a new screenwriting academy has launched this year. Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy (FFSA) offers screenwriting contests, screenwriting workshops, and affordable Script Consultant services to their students. Screenwriters can quickly increase the value and marketability of their work and thus increase their chances of success. Since all of the screenwriting classes are online, these opportunities extend to writers living throughout the world, though it is specifically focussed on writing for a North American audience. FFSA believes that when writers are able to advance both their level of writing skill and their opportunities, they’re able to provide the content that many viewers are begging for.

Growing Opportunity

Lately, there has been a surge of streaming platforms popping up offering faith based and family friendly content. Pureflix, Daily Wire and Great American Family are among some of the larger ones, but others like RedeemTV, Crossflix, and YippeeTV are continually growing in viewership and adding content. While other platforms are leaning towards programming that is more “raw”, there are many families who want to be able to watch a movie together without having to hold the remote, ready to skip scenes.

In an interview with MovieGuide in March of 2022, Bill Abbot, Founder and CEO of GAC Media, stated, “If you look at the last 20 years, it would be really hard to find a show that you can watch in its entirety with your family, and not have some point that would make you uncomfortable.”

Quality Writing is Critical

Independent writers and producers, as opposed to Hollywood, are the ones stepping up to answer the call. Until recently, it was very difficult to create and distribute independent films, but since the creation of digital streaming platforms, indie movies have surged. The demand for streaming content has also increased, but it’s clear that there exists a wide range of quality for both substance and production value for independent films. Many stories start with a great premise, but lack clarity, cohesion, and depth. For films to succeed, family friendly or not, they need to be well written. While there are many screenwriting books and classes available, one of the best ways for ensuring a script meets an appropriate standard and is ready for a green light is to receive peer and professional feedback.


Family Friendly Screenwriting Academy gathers writers with the purpose of learning and growing together within their specific genre; offering writers the opportunity to enter screenwriting contests, attend live-online screenwriting workshops, or hire a script consultant. FFSA offers the networking and peer feedback opportunities of a writers’ group, the learning opportunities of expensive masterclasses, and the “next step” opportunities of industry insiders at affordable rates from the comfort of their own home. They aim to raise the standard of family friendly screenplays and launch careers into an ever growing market.

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