Austin Hull’s Music Production Gives Artists the Edge to Dominate the Contemporary Music Industry

Austin Hull is a professional music producer, songwriter, and mixing engineer from Orlando, Florida. Austin also owns and operates the company Make Pop Music, an online marketplace offering tools for music producers, and an established YouTube channel dedicated to teaching music production.

Austin Hull has established himself as a serious up-and-coming producer, with an eclectic portfolio of innumerable producing, mixing, mastering, and songwriting accolades, Austin has made gigantic waves in the American music industry over the past five years. 

Working with high-profile artists such as RILEY, Marc E. Bassy, joan, Lil Brows, Liam Ferrari, Landon Austin, Troy Ogletree, Justin Bernardez, Emia, Bianca Ryan, Almost Owen, and numerous other artists, Austin has accumulated over 100 million streams on projects he has been involved with. 

Unlike contemporary producers who are laser-focused on the production aspect of their work, Austin’s wealth of experience in creating, playing, arranging, and producing music makes him an expert in songwriting, music mixing & mastering, and production. In addition, he is also dedicated to building music communities, and delivering content online to help the next generation of music producers and creatives.

Austin has a unique but inspiring story, because he became a full-time, professional producer completely by accident. Austin got into producing while he was in a local rock band in high-school. He downloaded his first DAW and bought his first recording equipment to help his band record demos. Austin fell in love with the process of making music, and when he moved off to college with his wife, Miranda, he started spending most of his free time learning music production. After a year or two of learning the ropes of recording, several bands from his hometown started hiring him to help with their projects, and within no time he was getting regular paying production projects.

Within a few years of starting music production, Austin started an online community on Facebook, Make Pop Music, where producers, songwriters, and artists interested in creating pop music could share their work, network with each other, find collaborators, and grow together. The community gained thousands of members, currently at 30,000 members, and ultimately became the hub for Make Pop Music. Make Pop Music eventually expanded into an online marketplace with products for producers such as drum sample libraries, preset packs for synthesizer plugins, music courses, and more.

In addition to the Facebook community and the website for Make Pop Music, they also run a YouTube channel that has over 175,000 subscribers, and they have helped hundreds of producers start landing paying projects, many of which have been able to become full-time producers.

Austin is equally dedicated to his craft as a producer as he is to growing his company Make Pop Music with his wife, Miranda. Austin has found a space in modern music production where he can constantly find new projects to work on, while helping other producers learn the ropes and get their foundations set for music production.

More information about Austin Hull is available on his official website

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