Wildfire Aware™, a Revolutionary Alert for Upcoming Fires Launched on Google Play & Apple App Store

The Analytical Moose is the company behind an innovative app designed to provide rapid, accurate information about emerging and exisiting fires via alerts and notifications.

The number of total wildfires in 2022 has eclipsed a decade-long average with 66,255 recorded cases and more than 7.5 million burnt acres of land. Many communities across the United States struggle with intermittent cellphone reception and have to rely on either social media or word-of-mouth to discover that their hometown is about to be hit by a wildfire, with many examples in the last few years throughout the Western United States. 

Realizing that public desperately need assistance, Rachael Brady created a practical, actionable solution – the Wildfire Aware app

Brady’s family were affected by the Zogg Fire in 2020, much like hundreds of families that lost their homes, livelihoods or even loved ones over those two dreadful weeks. Even aside from the Zogg Fire, wildfire seasons across the United States are becoming longer and more dangerous, and the notion of the term “fire season” being replaced by “fire year” is no longer strange to most. 

As Brady imparts, the Wildfire Aware app was a direct response to the lack of pubically available wildfire alerting systems nationwide, stating the following:

“I was talking to everyone in the community and assisting with drone footage for lawsuits and insurance claims that develop after the wildfire, and it showed that there was a large need for some type of alerting service about wildfires. There are all sorts of systems for agencies but nothing for the public, especially outside of California,” said Brady. 

Aside from being the first automated wildfire alert app available for all Android and iOS users, Wildfire Aware has brought a range of innovations to the table. Its notifications are surgically accurate and lightning-fast; as Rachael imparts, notifications “arrive within minutes of a wildland fire being dispatched.” 

Ongoing fires are closely monitored for official government notifications, and the users of the Wildfire Aware app can quickly and easily access all relevant information as soon as it is available. The functionality of this app extends to the consequences caused by wildfires, encompassing information regarding weather conditions brought about by wildfires. 

Rachael imparted that the Wildfire Aware team is diligently working on several crucial features that will change the landscape of publically information about wildfies in the next year:

“We are in talks with a several companies to develop the integration of their technology and instead of waiting until a fire is dispatched, being able to detect it ahead of official notifications,” Brady said. 

The end goal of Wildfire Aware is to make an all-encompassing wildfire notification and prediction system that is commercially available and is as easy to use as possible. 

More information about Wildfire Aware is available on the company’s official website.

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