Talks about How Dating Can Sharpen One’s Sales Skills Talks about How Dating Can Sharpen One's Sales Skills

In the business world, it’s all about relationship building. Everyone knows old-school sales tactics, but they don’t apply to every situation. Times are changing, the marketplace is becoming more competitive, and buyers are doing their own research, which has led them to expect an individualized experience. They want to buy from those they trust, and to build that trust, one may even check out a site such as Challenger. Here are the biggest lessons that have been learned in the dating world, as well as an explanation of how they translate to sales.

Remember What It’s All About

A date that starts with a monologue likely won’t end well, and neither will a sales pitch. When marketing products and services to new customers, it’s crucial to show some interest in them. While a salesperson’s first instinct is to talk about the product, it’s equally important to answer customers’ questions. One can browse around this site for additional information. The more information one can gain from potential buyers, the more likely it is that one creates value and sets oneself apart from competitors.

Read Between the Lines

Just as it is true for those Going on 3 Dates a Week Dramatically Improved My Sales Skills. Here Are the Biggest Lessons I Learned. it’s crucial for sellers to pick up on prospects’ non-verbal cues. Other than bad timing, one of the biggest deal-breakers are being taken by surprise when a buyer says no. According to, a noncommittal buyer may show signs such as:

  • Missing appointments repeatedly

  • Being reluctant to share important information

  • Not introducing one to higher-ups

If they’re avoiding calls and messages, it just might be best to move on.

Tell a Good Story

While a good salesperson may have the gift of gab, a great salesperson has storytelling talent. When used properly, that skill can be an extremely potent one, helping sellers relate to buyers, create a sense of urgency, and build feelings of trust. Research shows that when people listen to stories, their brains respond as if they’re living through the event, and sellers can use that fact to tell stories that solve problems, create additional value, and help buyers achieve success.

Leave Something to the Imagination

One should not share one’s life story on a first date, and that applies equally in the sales field. By saving something for later, one can provide value during each meeting while leaving prospects wanting more.

Taking things slowly doesn’t just help when one is on a date; it also helps potential customers understand and retain vital information at various stages of their journey. For instance, instead of providing a full demonstration at the first meeting, it may be better to use that time to learn about the prospect and their needs.

Decide When to Walk Away

In dating and in sales, knowing where one stands is essential. The time spent chasing noncommittal leads is taken from other, more important deals. While an emphatic “yes” is always the best response, sometimes a firm “no” is equally beneficial.


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