Talks about Some of the Benefits of Using Text to Speech Avatar Talks about Some of the Benefits of Using Text to Speech Avatar

Trying to increase sales, increase brand recognition, or simply trying to make an impression? Discover how one’s company can use this technology have a peek at this site. Regardless of company needs when companies use text-to-speech avatars as part of their sales funnel, they can do a lot to differentiate the company and its brand. 

Below are tips for using text-to-speech avatars to increase conversions, build brand awareness, and establish a presence in different industries.

First Things First: What Are Text-to-Speech Avatars?

A text-to-speech avatar is a virtual character designed to emulate a human voice. They’re used to replace the role of an actor in a video and produce realistic video output with text-to-speech voiceovers. Every day, more companies are discovering just how easy and versatile using avatars really is. 

Companies that work on any form of social media probably use text-to-speech technology already. The avatars take the place of human actors with realistic videos and voiceovers. Several different types of online platforms, including teaching videos, commercials, social media, virtual assistants, instant messaging, and video games, use the same technology called “avatar.” 

Top Benefits of Using Text-to-Speech Avatars

Using text-to-speech (TTS) avatars for the company website is a great way to add more personality to the brand and establish an emotional connection with site visitors. Here are some reasons why companies should consider using TTS avatars on their website.

  • Create and Customize any Voice. Build an exclusive voice for the brand. The company brand identity should reflect the business, industry, and target audience. Check this out, MOVIO AI NARRATES YOUR STORIES WITH LIFELIKE AI AVATARS CAPABLE OF CONVINCING LIP SYNC, GESTURES AND EXPRESSIONS adaptable to one’s brand.

  • Save Time on Production. Using text-to-speech avatars means talent is always available. No hiring process, no expense fees, and no trial and error in finding the right talent. This means the production process never has bottlenecks and can move quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.

  • A/B Split-testing Made Easy. According to, it’s easy to produce variations and messages with an avatar. Split testing compares two entirely different variations and should be used when making significant changes.

  • Split tests are helpful when one wants to make minor adjustments to the design or video that has been the “winner” in a split test. Creating avatars makes split testing easier when testing what works best to get more sales.

  • Brand Consistency.  Brand recognition stems from brand consistency. Customers are more likely to make purchases and commit to a company when they know about the brand. Avatar templates offer custom branding capabilities and built-in features to make it easier to maintain brand consistency across multiple social channels. With easy-to-edit features, staying true to the company’s brand colors and voice is no problem.

  • Adaptable for Multiple Industries. Creatives at companies are discovering multitudes of uses for text-to-speech avatars developed with a company such as WellSaid Labs

Use Avatars for Cutting-Edge Technology

The benefits of using text-to-speech avatars include customization, saving time and money on production, easy split testing, brand consistency, and adaptability to unlimited industries.

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