Bartz Law Group, APC Offers Exceptional Advocacy on Employment Matters

Bartz Law Group, APC is a law firm established by attorney Aaron Bartz.  Mr. Bartz is a fierce advocate who aggressively fights for his clients, even when the odds are stacked against them. Mr. Bartz has more than 24 years of experience through which he fought and won numerous multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts against some of the biggest companies, including Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Typically, the law firm handles both class and representative actions and single-plaintiff matters involving wage and hour, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, and related matters.

Answering an inquiry, the company spokesperson said, “One can file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) if their employer does not take prerequisite action after informing them of their harassment incident. The DFEH is typically responsible for investigating claims of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. An investigator from the department will contact them to discuss their complaint and may also contact witnesses or other individuals with knowledge of the incident.”

As a top, well-known labor law firm, clients can really count on Bartz Law Group, APC to help them pursue their rights in court in case they have been violated. Their employment lawyers in California know the ins and outs of the state’s law concerning employment litigation, and so far, they have successfully managed to litigate hundreds of employment cases in California. And other than the state’s laws, the law firm is also experienced with federal employment laws, including a good understanding of what it takes to file and prosecute an employment case through the court or arbitration, as well as a hearing before a government agency. So, with them, clients should expect them to navigate smoothly through the processes and procedures for employment litigation, including the status of limitation for different kinds of employment lawsuits.

The company spokesperson added, “The investigator will then prepare a report which a supervisor will review. If the DFEH finds sufficient evidence to support one’s claim, it will take action against the individual or employer who committed the harassment. This may include ordering them to stop the harassing behavior, providing monetary compensation for damages, or requiring them to take corrective measures such as participating in training on anti-discrimination or anti-harassment policies.”

Since every employment case is typically different, Bartz Law Group, APC always handles clients’ cases in a personalized way. And that’s why, the law firm always starts every case brought to them by listening to the clients’ full side of the story and, thus, being able to formulate the best legal strategy for their cases. Typically, the law firm represents clients throughout the state of California, from Los Angeles to San Diego and Riverside, to Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. And regardless of whether a client is a non-exempt or exempt employees California, the law firm is always accessible to all who want legal assistance in employment matters. They also represent those who believe they have a whistleblower claim. Their legal service in this area includes filing complaints with the relevant government agencies and many more.

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Bartz Law Group, APC is a law firm committed to seeking justice for individual California labor laws exempt employees and groups who have been wronged by their employers.

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